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CARDOMOM 2001 - 2010 global carbon model data

Latest Data Update: 2016-11-29
Status: Underdevelopment
Publication State: Working
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The CARbon DAta MOdel fraMework (CARDAMOM; Bloom et al., 2015 in review) outputs are derived from a global 1-degree x 1-degree 2001-2010 model-data fusion (MDF) analysis. The data include allocation fractions (AF) residence times (RT), mean carbon pool stocks (CP) and fluxes (FL). The Data Assimilation Linked Ecosystem Carbon model version 2 (DALEC2) and the Markov Chain Monte Carlo MDF algorithm are described by Bloom & Williams (2015); the fire module is described by Bloom et al., (2015; in review). Data constraints used in the CARDAMOM analysis consist of MODIS leaf area index (LAI), Harmonised World Soil Database (HWSD; Hiederer & Kochy, 2012) and tropical biomass (Saatchi et al., 2011). For each 1-degree x 1-degree gridcell, the metrics (e.g. mean, median, etc.) are based on 4000 DALEC2 model parameter samples unique to that grid-cell.

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Keywords: carbon cycle, biomass, soil carbon, allocation, residence time


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The data was produce by Mat Williamas and Jean Francoise Exbrayat of the University of Edinburgh as part of the NCEO work programme

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