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ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (Land_Cover_cci): MERIS Surface Reflectance

Status: Completed
Online Status: OFFLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2016-08-12


This dataset consists of time series of surface reflectance from the MERIS instrument on the ENVISAT satellite, produced as part of the ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project.

The time series are a temporal syntheses obtained over a 7-day compositing period, and encompass 13 of the 15 MERIS spectral channels (not including bands 11 and 15). The spatial resolution is 300m for the Full Resolution (FR) data and 1000m for the Reduced Resolution (RR) data.

Given the amount and size of the MERIS surface reflectance archive (10 To), the Land Cover CCI team make the data available on request, through your own disks. Please contact

Citable as:  ESA Land Cover CCI project team; Defourny, P. (2016): ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (Land_Cover_cci): MERIS Surface Reflectance. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: Land Cover, CCI, Surface Reflectance, MERIS


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Data were processed by the ESA CCI Land Cover project and catalogued here as part of the CCI Open Data Portal Project

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Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.

Instrument/Platform pairings

Envisat - MERIS Deployed on: Envisat

Mobile platform operations

Mobile Platform Operation 1 Mobile Platform Operation for: Envisat
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