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Met Office Land Surface Stations Data (1900-2000)

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Historic land surface observations data from the Met Office station network. Data are available for the period 1900 to 1999 for daily measurements. Hourly observations are for now available back to January 1985. The dataset comprises daily and hourly weather measurements, hourly wind parameters, max and min air temperatures, soil temperatures, sunshine duration and radiation measurements and hourly and daily rain measurements.

This dataset has been SUPERSEDED BY THE NEW MIDAS Land Surface Stations data (1853-current). It has been retained for reference purposes. Users with access to the MIDAS Land surface stations dataset automatically have access to this dataset as well.

The daily data are available online from UK stations in 110 UK regions (mainly counties) over the period 1853 to July 2000.

The hourly data are for available from stations in the 110 UK regions also covered by the daily data from 1983 to July 2000.

Citable as:Met Office (2006): Met Office Land Surface Stations Data (1900-2000). NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Met, Office, -, Land, Surface, Stat
Keywords: surface meteorology, Met Office, daily, hourly, historical


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2015-03-13 PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has been superseded by the Show More 2015-03-13 PLEASE NOTE: This dataset has been superseded by the Met Office MIDAS dataset at the BADC. Show Less

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Data availability and file format

1.1. UK daily observations (1853-July 2000) in 110 UK counties:

This dataset contains land surface measurements as reported daily from stations in UK since 1853.

1.2. UK Synoptic (hourly) Stations (1983-July 2000) in 110 UK counties:

1.3. UK Raingauge Stations (hourly data from 1983 to July 2000, daily data from 1900 to July 2000):

The parameters measured vary from station to station. So not all parameters are available from all stations. For examples, Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) cannot provide observations of cloud types.

NOTE: The BADC holds the Met Office surface data as provided by the Met Office and therefore the BADC can only supply Surface Met data archived at the Met Office.

The Met Office Land Surface data held at the BADC, are stored in a simple ASCII format (plain text and "human" readable).

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