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FAAM/BAE systems: Liquid and total water content probe (Nevzorov)

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The Nevzorov probe, manufactured by Sky Physics Technology Inc., is a multi-element hot-wire probe for the simultaneous measurement of condensed liquid water content (LWC) and total condensed water content (TWC). Ice water content (IWC) can be calculated, being the difference between these two quantities. The detection elements are mounted on a vane that self-aligns with the airflow. The temperature of the elements is held constant and the water content calculated from first principles based on the measured power through each element. Two types of vanes have been used, with the newer types, identified as VANETYPE 1T2L1R in the flight constants, having two LWC sense elements, one reference element and one TWC cone. These have been used since late 2016, The old style have a single LWC element and separate references for the LWC and TWC elements. The TWC element is the 60° deep-cone type.

The instrument is mounted to the FAAM Bae-146, close to the nose on the starboard side of the fuselage.

Abbreviation: faam-nevzorov
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Instrument: FAAM/BAE (Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements/British AErospace) systems: Set of FAAM core instruments

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