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NCEO Theme 5: Cryosphere and Polar Oceans

Status: completed
Publication State: published


This Theme in the National Centre for Earth Observation aims to use new EO data to quantify changes in the mass balance of the cryosphere and to develop new models to represent the relevant processes in coupled climate prediction models.

Its priorities are to:
- Quantify and understand recent mass changes in the marine and land cryosphere
- Exploit three satellites, the US-led gravity satellite GRACE, the European Space Agency's GOCE (Gravity and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) satellite, and Cryosat-2, to provide constraints on models of Arctic Ocean circulation and global sea-level rise
- Provide a historical and future perspective on data gathered during the International Polar Year initiative
- Develop key models of processes involving ice in the climate system

Abbreviation: NCEO-T5
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