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Leica GS10 GNSS receivers (ncl-leica-gnss)

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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver that logs dual frequency US GPS and Russian GLONASS data for subsequent data processing to enable millimetre level positioning and estimation of atmospheric water vapour. Operated by logging the observables to memory and (usually) post-processed using scientific GNSS geodetic software.

This instrument measures dual frequency GPS and GLONASS code and carrier phase satellite to receiver measurements. Parameters measured include:
L1 GPS carrier phase data
L2 GPS carrier phase data
C1 GPS pseudorange data
P2 GPS pseudorange data
S1 GPS signal to noise ratio
S2 GPS signal to noise ratio
L1 GLONASS carrier phase data
L2 GLONASS carrier phase data
C1 GLONASS pseudorange data
P2 GLONASS pseudorange data
S1 GLONASS signal to noise ratio
S2 GLONASS signal to noise ratio

This instrument has a measurement frequency of 10Hz and the output data held at CEDA has a data frequency of 1Hz.

This instrument was operated by Newcastle University.

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Keywords: ncl-leica-gnss

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