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BITMAP: Western Disturbance Tracks Algorithm

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Tracks generated using a bespoke tracking algorithm, identifying and linking upper-tropospheric vortices (described fully in Hunt et al, 2018, QJRMS - see linked documentation to this record), using data derived from ERA-Interim reanalysis data and selected CMIP5 model runs (with some modifications such as the vorticity level used).

In essence the algorithm works by:

1. locating all mid-tropospheric relative vorticity maxima;

2. group multiple peaks by using a neighbourhood filter, then integrate to find the parent vortex centre;

3. link potential candidates together across time steps to form tracks using a nearest-neighbour approach incorporating local wind speed;

4. surviving tracks are filtered by duration (> 2 days) and location (must pass through [20-36.5N, 60-80E]).

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Keywords: BITMAP, India, Western disturbances, Vortices

keywords:      BITMAP, India, Western disturbances, Vortices
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