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Met Office HadISST 1.1 - Global sea-Ice coverage and Sea Surface Temperature (1870-2015)

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Data from HasISST contains measurements of sea surface temperature (SST) and also global sea ice coverage (HadISST1.1). Dataset include:
- Global Ocean Surface Temperature (HadISST_1.1_SST), a set of SST data in monthly 1° area grids, for 1870 to October 2015.
- Global sea-Ice content, (HadISST_1.1_ICE), monthly 1° grids of ice coverage for 1870 to October 2015.

In situ sea surface observations and satellite derived estimates at the sea surface are included in the analysis. SST bucket corrections have been applied to gridded fields from 1870 through 1941. And a blend of satellite AVHRR (for SST), SSMI (for ice) and observations are used in the modern periods.
This data product replaces the GISST/GICE (Global Sea Surface Temperature/Global sea-Ice content) data sets ended in February 2003.

The data were provided by the Hadley Centre (Met Office). Updates are available from the Hadley Centre.

Citable as:Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (2006): Met Office HadISST 1.1 - Global sea-Ice coverage and Sea Surface Temperature (1870-2015). NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Met, Office, -, HadISST
Keywords: Met Office, Hadley, SST, ice, ocean, temperature


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