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University of Manchester: Ozone DIAL LIDAR

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The University of Manchester operate a Ozone DIAL lidar at the MST Radar Facility site at Capel Dewi, near Aberystwyth, Mid-Wales. The instrument produces profiles of ozone number density with a height resolution of 300 m (approx) between 5 and 15 km. Measurements are possible throughout the day but are more extensive and more accurate at night. Frequency of measurement if variable, but usually 5 minutes.

The instrument is a three-wavelength UV lidar operating at 289, 299 and 316 nm. For further details see G. Vaughan, F. M. O'Connor and D. P. Wareing, Observations of streamers in the stratosphere and troposphere using ozone lidar. J. Atmos. Chem. 38, 295-315, 2001.

The instrument was formerly owned and operated by the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Abbreviation: aber-lidar
Keywords: lidar, ozone, DIAL

keywords:      lidar, ozone, DIAL
instrumentType:      Lidar
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