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AIMMS-20 (Airborne Integrated Meteorological Measurement System)

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The AIMMS-20 (Airborne Integrated Meteorological Measurement System) is a canister-mounting probe flown on the FAAM BAe-146 aircraft. Its primary purpose is to provide high-frequency measurements of 3-d wind vector components in icing conditions, where the Core radome turbulence system would be expected to ice-up. The probe comprises a 5-port differential pressure sensor to measure flow velocity relative to the aircraft (true airspeed and angles of attack/sideslip) and a combined GPS/inertial system to measure the velocity and attitude of the aircraft relative to the ground.

Meteorological parameters: Temperature Relative Humidity Wind vector (3-components) Static pressure Aircraft state parameters: Latitude Longitude Altitude True airspeed Groundspeed vector Vertical velocity Attitude (pitch, roll, heading) relative flow angle (attack/sideslip)

Abbreviation: metoffice-aimms
Keywords: Meteorology, AIMMS-20, Met Office

keywords:      Meteorology, AIMMS-20, Met Office
instrumentType:      Met Sensor
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