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Computation for Global ocean-ice and pan-Arctic sea ice simulations with different sea ice physics and atmospheric forcing data sets

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6 forced ocean-ice simulations and 2 stand-alone ice simulations to document the impact of sea ice physics and\ \ atmospheric forcing data on the Arctic sea ice evolution. All of them use the\ \ same sea ice model CICE configuration GSI8.1 (Ridley et al., 2018) and the ocean-ice\ \ ones the same ocean model NEMO GO6.0 (Storkey et al., 2018) as HadGEM3. Three\ \ different atmospheric forcing data set are applied: NCEP Reanalysis-2 (NCEP2)\ \ data (Kanamitsu et al., 2002, updated 2020), CORE II surface data (Large & Yeager,\ \ 2009) and the atmospheric forcing data set DFS5.2 (Dussin et al., 2016). Regarding\ \ the sea ice component, we use the default CICE setup as in HadGEM3 (CICE-default)\ \ and an advanced setup (CICE-best) in which a new process is added (snow loss due\ \ to drifting snow) and some adjustments have been made to model physics and parameters.\ \ \n\nThe simulations were performed by the Centre of Polar Observation and Modelling\ \ (CPOM) at University of Reading under the ACSIS project

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