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Coupled Ocean Atmosphere and European Climate (COAPEC): Monthly Means of Atmospheric and Oceanic Model Data

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The COAPEC (Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Processes and European Climate) programme was a 5 year NERC thematic programme designed to examine the variability of the Earth's climate. Interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere play a major role in governing this variability. The goal of COAPEC was to determine the impact on climate, especially European climate, of the coupling between the Atlantic Ocean and the atmosphere, including the influence of ENSO on this coupling.

To aid researchers within the COAPEC programme, datasets have been retrieved from a variety of coupled models.

* 100 years (2079 - 2178) monthly means of all atmospheric and oceanic fields derived from the control run of the Hadley Centre HadCM3 model.
* 1000 years (1849-2849) of monthly means of selected parameters from the HadCM3 control run.
* 50 years (1950-2000) of MOM (GFDL Modular Ocean Model) data.
* Output from the 100 year HadCM3 control integration produced using UM4.5 on the BADC Beowulf Cluster.
* Surface flux climatology data from SOC

If using the 100 year dataset from the Hadley Centre, please be aware that the run was restarted part of the way through. This means that there is a difference in the indicated date of origin in the data files, and can cause a discontinuity if not corrected for during analysis.

The 1000 year HadCM3 dataset has been extracted from the Met Office and these data have been added to the archive.

The data from a 500 year HadCM3 control integration performed on a linux Beowulf cluster using UM version 4.5 at the BADC has been included in the archive. Please see the README.txt for more information.

Citable as:Natural Environment Research Council; Snaith, H. (2001): Coupled Ocean Atmosphere and European Climate (COAPEC): Monthly Means of Atmospheric and Oceanic Model Data. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: COAPEC, coapec
Keywords: COAPEC, Ocean, Atmosphere, Model

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