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King Edward Point Magnetic Observatory (KEP)

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The King Edward Point (KEP) magnetic observatory became operational in February 2011. This new observatory occupies the same site as an observatory run by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) between 1975 - 1982. The observatory is based at King Edward Point, immediately to the north of the BAS / South Georgia government base, at the foot of Mount Duse.

This observatory plugs a significant gap in the global network of magnetic observatories allowing better monitoring of the South Atlantic Anomaly and of changes occurring deep within the Earth.

The observatory was installed by the British Geological Survey with support from the British Antarctic Survey and The Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

King Edward Point magnetic observatory is part of the INTERMAGNET network.

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Keywords: bas, bgs, geomagetic observatory

keywords:      bas, bgs, geomagetic observatory
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