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ARSF - Flight 04/05: Harwood Forest area

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ARSF project 04/05: Retrieval of structural and biochemical parameters from multiangle multispectral airborne data over conifer stands. PI: M.Dysney. Site: Harwood Forest.

Abbreviation: ARSF_04_05
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Keywords: Not defined
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The project aims to relate airborne reflectance data to canopy structural and biochemical parameters describing to canopy structure and productivity. In situ measurements of CO2 flux will be used to quantify net (daily and annual) fluxes of energy and carbon, which will in turn be compared to EO measures known to be related to vegetation productivity such as light-use-efficiency (LUE) and photochemical reflectance index (PRI). Canopy structural parameters will be extracted from airborne data using canopy scattering models driven by 3D models of canopy structure. This work will augment existing development of 3D forest modelling and reflectance simulation methods. Inversion of structural parameters will be carried out using look-up-table methods. Biochemical parameters of interest include leaf pigment concentration, photosynthetic activity, LUE and PRI; structural parameters include canopy height, leaf area index (LAI), standing biomass and canopy clumping. To obtain both biochemical and structural parameters, multispectral multiangular reflectance data are required. The results of this project will contribute to understanding how terrestrial carbon fluxes can be related to EO data and, in particular, how uncertainties in the calculation of such fluxes can be reduced.

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