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 TOVS - Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU)
 TOVS - Stratospheric Sounder Unit (SSU)
 TOVS - High-Resolution Infrared Sounder (HRIS)
 Rothamsted temperature sensor
 Malvern temperature sensor
 Squires Gate Temperature sensor
 Ringway temperature sensor
 Stonyhurst temperature sensor
 Met Office station temperature sensor
 UEA: NOxy 4 channel NO, NO2, NOy, NOy* chemiluminescence analyser
 York: Aerolaser CO analyser
 Manchester: Cloud condensation counter
 University of Manchester Multi-Angle Absorption Photometer (MAAP)
 CEH:Temperature gradient
 CEH: Met Sensor
 CEH: Wetness, PAR, solar
 CEH: Sonic anemometer
 CEH: Ozone eddy
 CEH: Camera75m
 Manchester/UFAM: Sonic anemometer 2- formerly umist-sonic-2
 Lancaster:Proton Transfer Reaction mass spectrometer
 York:Ozone (O3)
 UEA: Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer (GC MS)
 UEA: Formaldehyde (HCHO) instrument or Fluorometric
 Manchester: Aerodynamic Particle Sizer
 Manchester/UFAM: Differential Mobility Particle Sizer - formerly umist-dmps
 CEH: Detector of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
 OP3: Mergred-data-faam
 Leeds: Merged data
 Cambridge: microDirac - Fodens Motor Works
 CEH:Thermo Environmental Instruments 42C NO-NO2-NOx level analyser: NOx gradient
 CEH:Thermo Environmental Instruments 42C NO-NO2-NOx level Analyser: O3 gradient
 CEH:Path Analyser Licor 7000
 CEH: Graegor
 UEA: Peroxides instrument
 FAAM/BAE systems: Radar Altimeter
 FAAM/BAE systems: Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum system (used on turbulence probe)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Aerosol size spectrum optical probe (PCASP)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Broad band (pyranometers and pyrgeometers) Radiometers (BBR)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Core Consoles
 FAAM/BAE systems: Downward facing radiometer (Heimann)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Fast Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe (FFSSP)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Honeywell H423 laser Inertial Navigation Unit (INU)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Liquid Water Content Probe (Johnson-Williams)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Particle Soot Absorption Photometer (PSAP aka SOOTY)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Patch (ex MRF) - GPS
 FAAM/BAE systems: Rosemount pair inlet nephelometer
 FAAM/BAE systems: TECO 42 chemiluminescence instrument
 FAAM/BAE systems: TECO 49 UV photometric ozone instrument
 FAAM/BAE systems: Total Water Content (TWC) probe
 FAAM/BAE systems: TSI 3025A Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) - formerly known as CNC.
 FAAM/BAE systems: Two dimension cloud particle imaging probe (2-DC)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Two dimension precipitation particle imaging probe (2-DP)
 MRF - C-130 aircraft in-situ Instrumentation
 FAAM/BAE systems or other aircraft: Flight log
 FAAM/BAE systems or other aircraft: Flight summary
 NIMBUS-7 Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS)
 Meteor-3 Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS)
 FAAM/BAE systems: Aerolaser AL5002 Carbon Monoxide instrument on Core Chemistry rack (CO)
 Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III (SAGE III)
 FAAM/BAE systems or other aircraft: Dropsonde
 British Antarctic Survey: 2b Ozone
 British Antarctic Survey: Aerolaser CO
 British Antarctic Survey: Aerolaser HCHO
 British Antarctic Survey: Aethalometer
 British Antarctic Survey: Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)
 British Antarctic Survey: Denuder HNO3
 British Antarctic Survey: Filters - Ion Chromatograph analysis
 British Antarctic Survey: NOx chemiluminescence analyser
 British Antarctic Survey: Metsensor (CASLAB)
 British Antarctic Survey: Metsensor (SIMPSON)
 British Antarctic Survey: Snow samples - Ion Chromatograph analysis
 British Antarctic Survey: Spectral Radiometer
 Imperial: HONO
 Imperial: PEroxy Radical Chemical Amplification (PERCA) technique
 Leeds: HPLC with post column derivatisation
 Leeds: Wind anemometer, RH and temperature sensors on top of FAGE container
 UEA: Cryo-PAN
 Met Office Microwave radiometer (MP series)
 Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR)
 Cape Verde Observatory: Meteorological instruments - Campbell
 Cape Verde Observatory: Vacuum UV fluorescence CO analyser
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Dual channel gas chromatograph with dual flame ionisation detection
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Meteorological instruments
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Chemiluminescence NO, NO2, NOy detector
 SATEMS producing satellite instruments
 NASA ER-2 Meteorological Measurement System (MMS)
 NASA ER-2 High Altitude OH experiment (HOH)
 NASA ER-2 Multiple Axis Resonance Fluorescence Chemical Conversion Detector for ClO and BrO
 NASA ER-2 Condensation Nucleus Counters (CNCs) and Electrical Aerosol Sampler (EAS)
 NASA ER-2 High-Sensitivity Fast-response CO2 Analyzer
 NASA ER-2 Composition and Photodissociative Flux Measurement (CPFM)
 NASA ER-2 Aircraft Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer (ALIAS)
 NASA ER-2 Airborne Tunable Laser Absorption Spectrometer (ATLAS)
 NASA ER-2 Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe (FSSP) Model 300 Aerosol Spectrometer
 NASA ER-2 NO/NOy experiment
 NASA ER-2 Fast Response CFC-11 and CFC-13 Airborne Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species (ACATS)
 NASA ER-2 Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer
 NASA ER-2 Dual-Beam UV-Absorption Ozone Photometer
 Met Office C-band radar
 Camborne: Met Office Windprofiler 915MHz
 Dunkeswell: Met Office Windprofiler 1290MHz 1
 Wattisham: Met Office Windprofiler 1290MHz 2
 MSF: Diode Array Spectrometer
 MSF: CCD spectrometers
 Automatic Weather Station (AWS)
 Firn-air analysers
 NASA ER-2 Microwave Temperature Profiler (MTP)
 NASA ER-2 Four-Channel Airborne Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species (ACATS IV)
 NASA ER-2 High Resolution Interferometer Sounder (HIS)
 NASA ER-2 Reactive Nitrogen
 NASA ER-2 Multi-Sample Aerosol Collection System (MACS)
 NASA ER-2 Multiple-Angle Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (MASP)
 Dobson Photo Spectrometer
 Scanning monochromator
 UV Spectrometer
 STratospheric OZone LIdar Trailer Experiment (STROZ-LITE)
 Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment II (SAGE II)
 Snow Depth Sensor
 International Met Station Observer
 Solar Backscatter UltraViolet (SBUV) Instrument
 SME Ozone spectrometer
 NASA ER-2 Ames UV ozone photometer
 NASA ER-2 Multi-Filter Sampler (MFS)
 NASA ER-2 Radon experiment
 NASA ER-2 Infra Red Narrow Field Of View (NFOV) radiometer
 NASA ER-2 Particle Measuring Systems (PMS)
 NASA ER-2 Carbon Monoxide (CO) experiment
 Admiralty meteorological observations
 MPIM - Ozone Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL)
 MPIM - Water vapour Differential Absorption LIDAR (DIAL)
 MPIM - Microwave radiometer
 MPIM - Ocean-Atmosphere Sensing Interferometer System (OASIS)
 Qinetic: Doppler Lidar
 Bremen: SUMAS/SMS
 MPI: CIMS technique
 DLR: OLEX Lidar
 Karlsruhe: MIPAS-FT
 UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS)
 visible Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS)
 Backscatter Sonde
 EASOE Balloon instruments
 Dobson and Brewer spectrophotometers
 AWI - BRUKER IFS 120M FTIR spectrometer
 AWI: Ozone DIAL
 NIAR: SAOZ UV-Vis Spectrometer
 Liege uni: FTIR spectrometer
 Berne: Millimeter Wave Radiometer
 NILU: SAOZ spectrometer
 MPI: DOAS UV spectrometer
 Karlsruhe: MIPAS-LM
 CNRS: SAOZ UV-Vis Spectrometer
 Heidelberg: Low Resolution DOAS spectrometer
 NPL: BRUKER IFS 120M FTIR spectrometer
 La Sapienza Uni: LIDAR
 New-York State Uni: SIS millimeter-wave receiver
 INTA: UV-Vis spectrometer
 Cambridge-BAS: UVISTAR
 Aberystwyth: SAOZ
 Karlsruhe: BONEM-DAZ
 Bonn: Rayleigh LIDAR
 Improved Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder (ISAMS)
 Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE)
 Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on UARS
 Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer (VISSR)
 Multispectral Imaging Radiometer (MIR)
 GOES Imager
 Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer 2 (AVHRR/2)
 Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer 3 (AVHRR/3)
 METEOSAT Visible and IR Imager (MVIRI)
 Very High Resolution Radiometer (VHRR) on INSAT-1 series
 Reading University Observatory: Kipp solarimeters
 Reading University Observatory: 3-cup anemometer and wind vane
 Reading University Observatory: Ground heat flux plate
 Reading University Observatory: Middleton net radiometer
 Met Office - Electrical resistance thermometers (ERT or PRT)
 Geiger counter
 Programmable Ion Mobility Spectrometer (PIMS)
 UEA: Gas Chromatograph with mass spectrometer FIRN
 Leeds/UFAM: Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS)
 UEA: TEI 42 trace level chemiluminescence NOx analyser
 Leeds: API gas analyser (models 200A, 300, 400)
 Birmingham: Epiphaniometer
 Lancaster: GC-FPD
 Bristol: GLC/ECD/FID
 UEA: Major Ions Rain Concentration
 UEA: Trace Metals Rain Concentration
 Lancaster: Four-stage filter pack aerosol sampler
 Lancaster: Cofer Sampler
 Lancaster: Pulsed Fluorescence Analyser
 Sunderland: SMPS, ASASP, FSSP
 Galway/Macehead: Magae Scientific AE-9 Aethalometer
 Birmingham: Air Filter - various analytical techniques
 Birmingham: TSI CN Counter 3022
 Birmingham: TSI CN Counter 3025
 Bristol: ADS/GC/MS
 Imperial: Formaldehyde Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer (TDLAS)
 CEH: Continously wetted rotating annular denuder
 Birmingham: Scintrex LMA-3
 UEA: J(NO2) Photoelectric Radiometer
 Galway/Macehead: UV Monitor Labs 8810
 Galway/Macehead: MeteoConsult GmbH Capillary column GC-ECD
 Leeds: Automated Injection GC-FID
 Telemetered Tipping bucket raingauge
 Manchester: The Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe (FSSP)
 CEH: Passive Diffusion Tubes
 CEH: Scintrex LMA-3 NO2 analyser
 Manchester: UV monitor Labs 8810 Ozone detector
 Manchester: OPC - Active Scattering Aerosol Spectrometer Probe
 Manchester: Particulate Volume Measurer (PVM)
 Manchester: Hydrogen Peroxyde Detector
 MRF - C-130 - Radar altimeter
 MRF - C-130 - De-iced (Rosemount 102BL) and non de-iced (Rosemount 102AL) temperature sensors
 MRF - C-130 - 1011B Thermoelectric Hygrometer (General Eastern)
 MRF - C-130 - Honeywell H423 laser Inertial Navigation Unit (INU)
 MRF - C-130 - 2D-C instrument
 MRF - C-130 - Aethalometer - Particle Soot AbsorptionPhotometer (PSAP)
 MRF - C-130 - Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP)
 MRF - C-130 - Carbon Monoxide monitor (CO) instrument
 Leeds: Organics by Real-time Airborne Chromatograph (ORAC-GC)
 MRF- C-130 - Fast Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe (FFSSP)
 MRF - C-130 - PAN gas chromatograph
 Cardington: Belfort model 6230A visibility sensor
 Cardington: Delta-T ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor
 Cardington: Druck 1830 series pressure transducer
 Cardington: Gill Solent HS-50 ultrasonic anemometer
 Cardington: Heitronics KT15D Infrared radiation pyrometer
 Cardington: Kipp and Zonen CG4 pyrgeometer
 Cardington: Kipp and Zonen CM21/CM22 pyranometers
 Cardington: MRI integrating nephelometer (model 1550B)
 Cardington: Michell series 3000 dewpoint hygrometer
 Cardington: Setra Model 270 transducer
 Cardington: Vaisala Humicaps
 Met Office - Ordinary raingauge
 MRF - C-130 - UV Absorption instrument
 Met Office - Lyman-Alpha Hygrometer
 Fast Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe (PMS canister instrument)
 UEA: PEroxy Radical Chemical Amplification (PERCA) technique
 TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder (TOVS)
 Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE)
 NIMBUS-7 Earth Radiation Budget (ERB)
 Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor I (ACRIM I)
 Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor II (ACRIM II)
 NIMBUS-7 Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS)
 Special Sensor Microwave / Imager (SSM/I)
 Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR)
 Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager - SEVIRI-1
 Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager - SEVIRI- 2
 Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME)
 Aberystwyth: Tunable Laser Diode (TDL) Spectrometer for water vapour
 DLR: Frost-point Hygrometer
 DLR: ozone monitor
 Imperial: Tropospheric Airborne Fourier transform Spectrometer (TAFTS)
 Met Office: Dual-frequency Extension to In-flight Microwave Observing System (DEIMOS)
 Met Office: Microwave Airborne Radiometer Scanning System (MARSS)
 120-degree x-wire anemometer in wind tunnel
 UEA: Packed column GC-ECD
 UEA: condensation nuclei counter
 BAS: Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) - Isotherm Analysis
 Leeds Long-Path Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (LP-DOAS)
 Manchester: TEI 42 trace level chemiluminescence NOx analyser - formerly umist-nox
 Manchester: TEI 49 UV absorption O3 analyser - formerly umist-o3
 UEA: TEI 49 UV absorption O3 analyser
 Leeds: PAN gas chromatograph
 Leicester: filter radiometer j(O1D)-a
 Leicester: Temperature sensor Rotronic MP103A
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer CH3CHO
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer CH3COCH3
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(HCHO-NR)
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(HCHO-R)
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(HONO)
 UEA: Gas Chromotography Negative Ion Chemical Ioisation Mass Spectrometry
 Manchester/UFAM: Hygroscopicity Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser - formerly umist-htdma
 York: 2 Dimensional GC-fid
 UEA: Aerolaser CO
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(CH3COOH)
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(PAN)
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(H2O2)
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer j(HNO3)
 Bristol: GC-MS hydrocarbons
 Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment I (SAGE-I)
 VISSR Atmospheric Sounder (VAS)
 vertically facing thermophile radiometer
 Non-dispersive IR gas analyser with a water vapor freeze trap
 UNOR-2 semi-automatic non-dispersive IR gas analyser
 gas chromatograph with a flame ionization detector
 Radio Telescope
 Soviet Union M-83 Ozonometer
 Umkehr instrument
 Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR) South Wonston to Sparsholt 5 km 38 GHz Radio Link
 Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR) South Wonston to Sparsholt 5 km 54 GHz Radio Link
 Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR) South Wonston to Sparsholt 5 km 56 GHz Radio Link
 University of East Anglia: GC/FID
 CEH: Packed column Gas Chromatograph-Electron Capture Detector (GC-ECD)
 Birmingham: Continuous gas phase resonance fluorescence technique
 Bristol: ADS-GC-ECD-ECD
 Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder (SSMIS)
 University of East Anglia (UEA): Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory chemistry instruments (O3, CO, NO, NO2)
 D-CALM: Canister Sampler
 CSIRO Ozone monitors
 CSIRO Fluorometric
 CSIRO HPLC (High Performance liquid chromatography)
 NPL: Balloon-borne Near IR laser spectrometer
 Insulated sea-temperature bucket
 Engine-intake thermometer
 streamflow gauge
 ADEOS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS)
 EP Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS)
 Ozone Monitoring instrument (OMI)
 Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer (CLAES)
 Met Office - Dines pressure tube anemometers
 Met Office - Humidity Sensor
 Met Office - Laser Cloud Base Recorder (LCBR)
 Met Office - Liquid-in-glass thermometers
 Met Office - Munro anemometer
 Met Office ESAWS
 Met Office Pyranometer
 Campbell-Stokes recorder
 Met Office SIESAWS
 Manchester: Differential Pressure 5-hole turbulence probe
 CESSNA: Scintrex LMA-4
 CESSNA: LICOR gas analyser
 CESSNA: Heimann KT19.D IR sensor
 CESSNA Core instruments
 Automatic Soil Water Station (ASWS)
 River Gauging Station
 LandSat Instruments
 Transportable Weather Station (TWS)
 Transportable vertically pointing X- band radar
 Drop-counting raingauge
 MRF - C-130 - Clear and red Dome Broadband Radiometers (BBR)
 MRF - C-130 - Airborne Vertical Atmospheric Profiler System (AVAPS)
 Manchester: Webcam
 Salford: Sonic anemometer 2
 Salford: Sonic anemometer 1
 Institut fuer Meteorologie und Klimaforschung: Radiosonde
 Institut fuer Meteorologie und Klimaforschung: 2 um Infra-red Lidar
 Dornier 128 core instruments
 Met Office: Met Office Radiometrics MP3000 profling radiometer
 University of Reading: Vaisala radiosonde
 Salford: Digital camera weather pictures
 Radar Altimeter
 CEH Edinburgh: Tedlar bag gas sample
 UEA: Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS)
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Gas chromatograph with mass spectrometric detection
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Meteorological instruments on tower
 Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory: Thermo model 202 UV absorption instrument
 Leeds: Laser Induced Fluorescence instrument for Iodine Monoxide
 Met Office/ Hertfordshire: Small Ice Detector 2 (SID2)
 Met Office: Short Wave Spectrometer (SWS)
 FAAM: DMT Dual Column Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN)
 Leeds: Volatile Aerosol Concentration and Composition sensor (airborne) - VAAC
 Met Office: Spectral Hemispheric Irradiance Measurements (SHIM)
 York/UEA/UFAM: Whole Air Sample bottles (WAS)
 Unknown aircraft mounted in-situ instruments.
 Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement II (SAM II)
 NIMBUS 5 Selective Chopper Radiometer (SCR)
 NIMBUS-6 Pressure Modulator Radiometer (PMR)
 Institut fuer Meteorologie und Klimaforschung: SODAR 1
 Leeds: SODAR 3
 Leeds: Tethersonde
 FAAM/BAE systems: Set of several core and/or non-core instruments
 CEH: Flux station
 FAAM/BAE systems: Set of FAAM non-core instruments
 FAAM/BAE systems: Subset of FAAM core instruments measuring cloud physics data
 NDACC - Fourier Transform IR (FTIR)
 NDACC Lidar
 NDACC Microwave radiometers
 NDACC UV Spectroradiometers
 NDACC UV-Visible spectrometers
 South Uist: Met Office Windprofiler 64MHz
 NERC MST site : NERC Campbell Scientific Climate data logger
 NERC MST site: NERC Campbell Scientific surface wind sensors
 NERC MST site: Sky-Camera
 MRF - C-130 - Core consoles
 Met Office Climate Data Loggers (CDL)
 Met Office - Telemetered tipping bucket raingauges
 Met Office - Tilting siphon raingauge
 Met Office station observer - NCM message
 Met Office Wet Nephelometer
 University of Manchester Aerosol Chamber
 Limb Infrared Monitor of the Stratosphere (LIMS)
 Egrett aircraft core instruments
 Full tide bubbler gauge
 Mid-tide bubbler gauge
 Munro float gauge
 Wellhead float gauge
 Pressure transducer
 Measurements of Ozone and Water Vapor by Airbus In-Service Aircraft (MOZAIC) instruments
 Aberystwyth: frost point hygrometer (Snow White)
 Dornier-D-Calm core instruments
 Birmingham: PM2.5 gas analyser
 Birmingham: CO, NO2, NO, O3, PM10, SO, SO2, PM2.5, gas analysers
 Birmingham: PM10 gas analyser
 Leeds: IR spectrometer
 Leeds: UV spectrometer
 Hameldon Hill - Clarkes Hill Microwave Link
 Heather Hall - Clarkes Hill Microwave Link
 Cow Lane - Height Barn Microwave Link
 Cambridge: Broadband cavity ringdown spectrometer
 Galway/Macehead: Measurements from in-situ Mace Head instruments (O3, CO, CH4, H2)
 Leeds: Forward Scattering Spectroscopy Probe (FSSP)
 University of Leeds Gas Chromotograph Formaldehyde (HCHO) instrument or fluorometric
 Leeds: HPLC
 Leicester: filter radiometer j(O1D) -b
 Instrument.title: DETAILS NEEDED
 York: Gas Chromotography Flame Ionisation detector 2
 York: Gas Chromotography Flame Ionisation detector 3
 D-CALM: Aircraft GPS position device
 High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS)
 Infrared Sea surface temperature Autonomous Radiometer (ISAR)
 Environment Agency LIDAR
 Environment Agency Digital Camera
 Environment Agency CASI-3
 UK-DMC optical imaging payload
 PROBA Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS)
 LANDSAT5 Thematic Mapper (TM)
 FSF ASD FieldSpec Pro
 FSF Erbium doped Spectralon panel and Mylar and McCrone Filters
 Newcastle University ASD Field spectra N4406
 Hemispherical Camera Nikon Coolpix 995
 INRA - LAI-2000 plant canopy analyser
 Delta-T SunScan canopy gap fraction measurement device
 Microtops II sunphotometer
 Delta-T Devices Ltd BF2 sunshine sensor
 SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter
 Cimel CE318-2™ sun photometer
 Intergraph Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC)
 UV Raman LiDAR
 CEH Land Cover Reconnaissance Survey
 sky irradiance scanner
 Valeport current meter
 GER3700 Spectroradiometer
 GER1500 spectroradiometer
 SAR backscatter intensity image-maps production process
 Envisat - MERIS
 AVHRR series
 SHAC2000 E-Synthetic Aperture Radar
 SHAC2000 Hyperspectral Mapper
 MIPAS Level 1b data processing
 MIPAS Level 2 data processing
 Thematic Mapper (LS5)
 ARSF Optech Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper 3033 LIDAR
 ARSF Airborne Thematic Mapper (ATM) Azimuth systems 16 (AZ-16)
 ARSF Rollei Digital Camera
 Unknown Instruments Suite
 CNR/IMAA (Tito Scalo, Italy): Ceilometer
 ice-core analysers
 Meteosat imager
 Adsorption Desorption Sytem (ADS) / GC-MSAdsorption Desorption Sytem (ADS) / Gas Chromtography Mass Spectrosocpy (GC-MS)
 Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) on ENVISAT
 York Hivol Particle Sampler
 Aerodyne Research NOx
 FAAM Fast Greenhouse Gas analyser
 Paul Scherrer Institut -Rotating Drum Impactor
 Drilling Rigs
 Cloud retrieval algorithm
 S-band Doppler dual polarisation radar
 Aerolaser CO
 Aerolaser HCHO
 Denuder HNO3
 Condensation Particle Counter
 TEI ozone
 Boundary Layer Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer (DOAS)
 GC-MS (Ambient air)
 PERCA (Peroxyl Radical Chemical Amplifier)
 UV Absorption
 Wind vane
 Photoelectric detectors
 Broad Band (pyranometers and pyrgeometers) Radiometers
 Cloud Physics Console
 Two Dimension Cloud particle imaging probe (PMS canister instrument)
 Two Dimension Precipitation particle imaging probe (PMS canister instrument) 0.2 Hz averages
 AL5002 Carbon Monoxide instrument
 Millipore membrane filters
 Global Positioning Systems
 Honeywell H423 laser inertial navigation unit
 Particle Soot Absorption Photometer (Rosemount pair inlet instrument)
 Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum system
 Phillips LTC 0600 Video Cameras
 RDR-4B Navigation Weather X-band Radar
 Near Infra-Red Tunable Diode Laser
 Airborne Droplet Analyser
 Compact Time of Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
 Commercial Aircraft Monitoring Package
 Cloud Condensation Nuclei
 Met Office: DMT Cloud and Precipitation Imagers
 Hallett CloudScope
 Stratton Park Engineering Company (SPEC) Cloud Particle Imager
 Met Office Counter flow Virtual Impactor (CVI)
 British Antarctic Survey: Derived parameter- Pollution filter for data filtering
 British Antarctic Survey: CH4 Canisters
 British Antarctic Survey: CASLAB Laboratory internal temperature
 Bristol: Gas Chromotography Flame Ionisation detector
 Bristol: HP6890
 Bristol: TEI Ozone Instrument
 Cambridge/UFAM: AL5002 Carbon Monoxide instrument
 Cambridge/UFAM/BAE Systems: RDR4B Navigation Weather Radar
 Cambridge/UFAM: Cruciform (NERC)
 Cambridge/UFAM: Lidar - O3, water vapour and particulates
 Cambridge/UFAM: Near Infra-red Tunable Diode Laser
 Cambridge: Surface Acoustic Wave Hygrometer for umist(cambridge)-camp
 Cambridge/UFAM: Turbulence Probe
 CNR/IMAA (Tito Scalo, Italy): Lidar
 CNR/IMAA (Tito Scalo, Italy): Microwave radiometer
 CNR/IMAA (Tito Scalo, Italy): Radiosonde
 CNR/IMAA (Tito Scalo, Italy): Water vapour lidar
 Cape Verde Observatory: Long-path Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer
 Cape Verde Observatory: Multi-axis Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer
 Met Office/ Hertfordshire: Small Ice Detector 1 (SID1)
 Imperial: Single channel mid infra-red tunable diode laser
 Leeds: Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe
 Leeds: Volatile Aerosol Concentration and Composition sensor (ground-based)
 Leicester: teco-o3-analyser
 Leicester: Spectral Radiometer - flux
 Manchester/UFAM: Airborne Droplet Analyser - formerly umist-ada
 Manchester: Cloud Droplet Probe - formerly umist-cdp
 Manchester: TEI CO - formerly umist-co
 Manchester: Diode Laser System - formerly umist-qctdl
 Manchester/UFAM: Sonic anemometer 3- formerly umist-sonic-3
 Manchester/UFAM: Sonic anemometer 4- formerly umist-sonic-4
 Manchester: Tunable Diode Laser System(NO2) - formerly umist-tdls
 Met Office: Cloud Condensation Nuclei
 Met Office: Vaisala LD-40 Ceilometer
 Met Office: Fluorescence Water Vapour Sensor
 Met Office: High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer
 Met Office/DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory): Imaging Infrared Radiometer
 Met Office: Ice Nucleus Counter
 Met Office: TECO 43C trace gas analyser to measure SO2
 NERC: Airborne Thematic Mapper
 NERC: Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager
 NERC: Incident Light Sensor
 DIFA-UNIBAS, Potenza, Italy: Raman Lidar
 DIFA-UNIBAS, CNR-IMAA, Tito Scalo Italy: BOMEM Fourier Transform Spectrometer
 DIFA-UNIBAS, CNR-IMAA, Tito Scalo Italy: REFIR BB Spectrometer
 York: Automated adsorption tube sampler to collect VOC samples and analyse by GC/MS
 York: Met sensor
 York: Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer (PTr-MS)
 Photochemical box model
 UGAMP ECMWF profiles
 UGAMP trajectories
 Penny and Giles E23001 Potentiometric Wind Vane
 Navstar XR5 GPS
 Litton LTN-211Omega Navigation System
 Ecko 290 Radar Altimeter
 General Eastern 1011B Thermoelectric Hygrometer
 Honeywell YG9000D1 Radar Altimeter
 General Eastern 1011B Thermoelectric Hygrometer
 Met Office Pyrgeometers
 Meteorological Instruments Group Armagh
 Met Office Semi-Automatic Met Observing System (SAMOS)
 NASA ER-2 Ames Particle Sampler Impactor Experiment (APS)
 GOES sounder
 South Uist: Met Office Windprofiler 915MHz
 Cambridge: microDirac - Brighouse and Rastrick
 Air Quality Design NOx, noncore FAAM measurements of NO and NO2
 Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars (GOMOS)
 Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS)
 Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder (SAMS)
 Velocity maps production process
 Thematic Mapper (LS4)
 Infoterra MERIS MTCI Level 3 processor
 NCAVEO Land Cover Map 2000
 Public Weather Station (PWS)
 Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager - SEVIRI
 Met Office: Rothamsted
 partially unknown set of UK CET stations
 Set of UK stations used by Parker et al.
 Bukit Atur
 Sabahmas Estate Oil Palm Plantation
 Canopy Nursery, East Malaysia
 NIMBUS 7 Satellite
 Meteor-3 satellite
 Meteor -3M satellite
 Halley Bay, Antarctica
 CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Molecular Spectroscopy Facility (MSF)
 Radiosonde stations on the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) network
 Satellites on the Global Telecommunication Sytem (GTS)
 SPADE Radiosonde stations
 San Jose State University, California
 Chenies Radar Station, UK
 Clee Hill Radar Station, UK
 Cobbacombe Cross Radar Station, UK
 Dean Hill Radar Station, UK
 Thurnham, UK
 Berkner Island, Antarctica
 Law Dome, Antarctica
 North Greenland Ice Coring Project (NGRIP) station
 Arrival Heights, Antarctica
 Campbell Island, New Zealand
 Lauder, New Zealand
 Macquarie Island, New Zealand
 ASHOE-MAESA Radiosonde stations
 Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS)
 CLIMAT (monthly climatological data report) Upper Air Normal Station Network
 FM-75-CLIMAT TEMP Station Network
 Solar Mesosphere Explorer (SME) satellite
 Global ozonesondes network
 Ships on exploration, 18th century onwards
 Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg, Germany
 Ascension Island
 Salford, UK
 Fokker 27 ARAT aircraft
 Transall c-160 aircraft
 EASOE ozonesonde stations
 Dikson, Russia
 Heiss island station, Russia
 Thule station, Greenland
 Dobson and Brewer Ozone network
 Ny Alesund, Spitsbergen Isl., Norway
 Jungfraujoch Research Station
 Ostersund, Sweden
 Scoresbysund, Greenland
 Sodankyl, Finland
 Zhigansk, Russia
 Reykjavick, Iceland
 Nimes, France
 Abisco, Sweden
 Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland
 Aberystwyth, UK
 Andoya Rocket Range, Norway
 Upper Air Research Satellite (UARS)
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-5
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-6
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-7
 METEOSAT-4 or Meteosat Operational Programme 1 (MOP-1)
 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite 1 (GMS-1)
 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite 2 (GMS-2)
 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite 3 (GMS-3)
 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite 4 (GMS-4)
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-8
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-9 or GOES-J
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-10
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-12
 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite (GMS-5)
 METEOSAT-5 or Meteosat Operational Programme 2 (MOP-2)
 INSAT-1 series (INSAT-1A to INSAT-1D)
 University of Reading Atmospheric Observatory
 NOAA Satellite series - 7 to 14
 Cranfield Jetstream Research Aircraft
 RRS Challenger
 European Synoptic Network
 HadRT Radiosonde network
 El Bailadero, Tenerife
 Paiba, Tenerife
 Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife
 Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland, UK
 UPMC-SA Mystere aircraft
 Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) satellite
 Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Satellites
 Meteosat Second Generation 1 (MSG-1) or METEOSAT-8
 Meteosat Second Generation 2 (MSG-2) or METEOSAT-9
 Priory House
 ARA Beech B200T Super King Air aircraft
 ARA Grob G520T Egrett aircraft
 Kuujjuarapik, Hudson Bay, Canada
 Achern, Germany
 Barongartenhuette, Germany
 Hornisgrinde, Germany
 Writtle College, UK
 Applications Explorer Mission 2 (AEM-2)
 Synchronous Meteorological Satellites (SMS)
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) series - GOES-1 to 7
 Point Barrow, Alaska
 Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii
 Cape Matatula, American Samoa
 South Pole
 NOAA CMDL CO2 Flask sampling program stations
 NOAA CMDL Methane Cooperative Flask sampling network
 Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)
 Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO), Penticton, Canada
 Stations from the Monthly Climatic Data For the World published by NCDC
 Global Weather Stations
 Global Ozone stations
 ABACUS Field sites
 unknown research aircraft for the SOAPEX campaign
 Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station (BAPS), Tasmania
 Southern Surveyor research vessel
 Ships on the WMO's Global Telecommunication System (GTS) network
 Global streamflow gauge network
 Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS)
 Earth-Probe (EP)
 Met Office Synoptic network
 Brue Catchment, UK
 Bridge Farm station, UK
 Brue at Lovington station, UK
 LandSat series
 Middle Wallop, UK
 JET2K radiosonde stations in Africa
 JET2K synoptic stations in Africa
 Linkenholt, UK
 Dornier 128
 Ashmansworth, UK
 Swanage, UK
 Predannack Radar Station, UK
 Jersey radar station, Channel Islands
 South Wonston Water Tower
 MIDAS Global Radiosonde Network
 Roscoff, France
 Raingauge station network used to produce the British Rainfall archive
 AASEII Radiosonde stations
 Alert, Canada
 Churchill, Canada
 Goose Bay, Canada
 Iqaluit, Canada
 Resolute, Canada
 Stony Plain, Canada
 AASE sonde stations
 AASE Radiosonde stations
 Global Radiosonde Network
 NIMBUS 5 satellite
 NIMBUS 6 satellite
 Dudou, Africa
 Banizoumbou, Africa
 Alkama, Africa
 Gourou Goussa, Africa
 Bira, Africa
 Pobe, Africa
 Wankama, Africa
 European Radar Station
 Dudwick Radar Station, UK
 UK Radar Stations
 Antarctic stations
 NDACC Alpine Europe Primary stations
 NDACC Antarctica Primary stations
 NDACC Arctic Primary stations
 NDACC Hawaii Primary stations
 NDACC New Zealand Primary stations
 NDACC Complementary stations
 Devon Island Ice cap station, Canada
 Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
 Dome Concordia, Antarctica
 Learjet - Enviscope aircraft
 C 207 - FUB aircraft
 CITATION - NLR aircraft
 Partenavia - Enviscope aircraft
 DO228 -101 - DLR Aircraft
 ASK16 - FUB aircraft
 Met Office Climate network
 Met Office Rainfall network
 Met Office Sunshine and Radiation network
 Met Office Wind network
 GLOSS station network
 MOZAIC campaign aircraft
 Darwin, Australia
 Wenlock, West Midlands
 Bolton Catchment, UK
 Cole Peninsula
 Adelaide Island
 Avery Plateau
 Larsen Ice Shelf Camp
 MV Pride of Bilbao
 MV Cap Finistere
 Environment Agency Cessna 404 Aircraft
 ESA Project for On-Board Autonomy (Proba)
 NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF)
 Big Croft field, near Chilbolton
 Brockley field near Chilbolton
 Fairpiece field, near Chilbolton
 Rickyard field, near Chilbolton
 Cowdown Farm, Hampshire, UK
 Hampshire Golf Club, UK
 Harewood Forest, UK
 Ordnance Survey Aircraft
 Chilbolton Cow Common
 Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland
 RMS Queen Mary 2
 MS Prinsesse Ragnhild
 MS Color Festival
 NOAA polar orbiting satellites
 DLR Aircraft 2 (SHAC ESAR)
 DLR Aircraft 1 (SHAC Hymap)
 ESA ENVISAT Processing Ground Station
 Piper PA31 Navajo Chieftain G-NERC Aircraft
 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Aircraft
 Cruise ships of opportunity network
 Harwood Forest, UK
 HadAT radiosonde network
 G550 HALO - DLR Aircraft
 Seneca - IBIMET aircraft
 C 182J - UM SEAES aircraft
 METRO II - NLR aircraft
 Heather Hall, UK
 Cow Lane, UK
 Winter Hill, UK
 Height Barn, UK
 Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
 Angmagssalik, Greenland
 Djougou, Africa
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
 Buoys on the WMO's Global Telecommunication System (GTS) network
 Gap, France
 LD oil palm
 Intermap Aircraft
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-16
 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - GOES-13
 Collection of climate models from various worldwide research groups deployed on PCMDI Computers
 Met Office operational unified model (UM) deployed on Met Office Computer network
 Met Office operational unified model (UM) deployed on Keflavik, Iceland
 HIRLAM HIgh Resolution Limited Area atmospheric Model deployed on Keflavik, Iceland model deployed on Worldwide Personal Computer network
 UK-Japan Climate Collaboration (UJCC) Model Matrix deployed on Earth Simulator Supercomputer
 Met Office operational unified model (UM) deployed on Met Office supercomputer (Exeter)
 University of Reading NEMO coupled ice-ocean model v3.2
 Time-Delayed Neural Networks (TDNN) deployed on Fundacion Entropika Computers
 p-TOMCAT deployed on Cambridge University computer
 Reading satellite data assimilation model deployed on Reading University computer
 PTF of global soil N Model deployed on Rothamsted Research Computer
 Hadley Centre Regional Model 3 (HadRM3) deployed on HECToR (High-End Computing Terascale Resource) Supercomputer
 ECMWF trajectory model deployed on ECMWF Computer
 GEOS-1 multiyear assimilation deployed on NASA Global Modelling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)
 ISCCP-C2 products processing deployed on NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)
 ISCCP-D2 products processing deployed on NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)
 SRB satellite Pinker algorithm using ISCCP-C1 and ERBE data deployed on NASA Langley Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)
 SRB satellite Staylor algorithm using ISCCP-C1 and ERBE data deployed on NASA Langley Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)
 Bishop and Rossow's fast radiative algorithm version 2 deployed on NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)
 NCEP Sea Surface data processing deployed on NOAA National Centers for Environmnetal Prediction (NCEP)
 UEA - Jones et al Monthly Surface air temperature anomalies data processing deployed on Climate Research Unit (CRU) at UEA
 UEA - Jones et al. Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) data processing deployed on Climate Research Unit (CRU) at UEA
 GISS Global Mean Surface Air Temperature anomalies data processing deployed on NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)
 GPCC Global Rain Gauge Data Processing deployed on Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)
 Digitizing and processing of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Soil Map of the World deployed on Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)
 MIT General Circulation Model (MITgcm) run by Climate Research Unit (CRU) at UEA
 Man: Eddy Correlation Technique deployed on Kuujjuarapik, Hudson Bay, Canada
 Methven trajectory model deployed on Reading University computer
 TOMCAT model deployed on Leeds computer
 ECMWF trajectory model deployed on BADC Computers
 Berlin Stratospheric Monthly mean Temperatures data processing deployed on Free University of Berlin, Institute of Meteorology
 CAC SSTs data processing deployed on NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
 HadISST Digitized Sea Ice charts and satellite data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 GISS-ModelE/Russell Coupled Atmosphere Ocean Model deployed on NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) (USA) computer
 ATLAS-8 or GOSTA- 8 sea-surface temperature data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 ATLAS-7 or GOSTA-7 sea-surface temperature data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 GISST 2.2 SST and sea ice content data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 LANDSST data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 FORTE (Fast Ocean Rapid Troposphere Experiment) model deployed on National Oceanographic Centre Southampton (NOCS)
 SOC deployed on National Oceanography Center, Southampton (NOCS) Computer
 Met Office Extended Operational NWP model deployed on Met Office supercomputer (Exeter)
 Met Office Stratospheric Model deployed on Met Office supercomputer (Exeter)
 GCOMS - Global Coastal-Ocean Modelling System deployed on unknown computer
 Hadley Centre Coupled Model 3 (HadCM3) deployed on BADC Beowulf
 GFDL Modular Ocean Model (MOM) deployed on University of Maryland
 SOC deployed on Southampton Oeanographic Centre (SOC)
 ERA-15 data assimilation system deployed on ECMWF Computer
 Mass-Spectrometer-Incoherent-Scatter-1986 (MSIS-86) model deployed on National Space Science Data Centre (NSSDC)
 Hadley Centre Coupled Model 2 (HadCM2) deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 NCAR-DoE global coupled model deployed on National Centre for Atmospheric Research (USA) computing facility
 ECHAM4 ocean coupled general circulation model deployed on Max Planck Institute für Meteorologie computing facility
 CSIRO-Mk2 Global Circulation Model deployed on Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation computing facility
 CCSR/NIES Global Circulation Model deployed on Centre for Climate System Research / National Institude for Environmental Studies (Japan) computer
 CGCM2 Canadian Global Coupled Model Version 2 deployed on Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis computing facility
 GFDL-R15 Global Circulation Model deployed on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (USA) computing facility
 CGCM1 Canadian Global Coupled Model Version 1 deployed on Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis computing facility
 High Resolution Global Environmental Model (HiGEM) deployed on HPCx
 GISST2.3b sea surface temperature data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 GICE sea-ice content data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 MOHMATN4 Night Marine Air temperature anomalies data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 MOHSST6 sea surface temperature anomalies data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 GMSLP data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 HadSLP1 data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 Cambridge Chemical data assimilation model deployed on Cambridge University computer
 Northern Hemisphere Geopotential Height daily data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 Northern Hemisphere Geopotential Height monthly data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 UEA Climatic Research Unit (CRU) High Resolution gridding software deployed on UEA Climatic Research Unit (CRU) computer system
 Northern Hemisphere MSLP daily data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 Northern Hemisphere MSLP monthly data processing deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 World Wildlife Fund Wildworld program deployed on World Wildlife Fund
 Hadley Centre Atmospheric Model 3 (HadAM3) deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 Hadley Centre Regional Model 2 (HadRM2) deployed on Met Office Hadley Centre Computers
 Infoterra MERIS HiProGen system to generate L3 composites of MERIS L2 data deployed on unknown computer
 kriging process of TOPEX data deployed on National Oceanography Center, Southampton (NOCS) Computer
 AVHRR FASIR deployed on unknown computer
 CEH LCM 2000 25 meter derived roster format data processing deployed on Harwood Forest, UK
 CEH LCM 2000 Level 2 Vector format data processing deployed on Harwood Forest, UK
 CEH LCM 2000 25 meter derived roster format data processing deployed on Barton Bendish, Norfolk, UK
 CEH LCM 2000 25 meter derived roster format data processing deployed on Monks Wood, Cambridgeshire, UK
 CEH LCM 2000 25 meter derived roster format data processing deployed on Thorney Island, South Coast of England, UK
 Hadley Centre Global Environmental Model version 1a (HadGEM1a) deployed on Earth Simulator Supercomputer
 ECHO-G (ECHAM4+HOPE-G) Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Circulation Model deployed on Max Planck Institute für Meteorologie computing facility
 Portable Unified Model (PUM) deployed on Met Office Computer network
 ECHO-G (ECHAM4+HOPE-G) Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Circulation Model deployed on Meteorological Research Institute of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) computer
 NCAR-PCM Parallel Climate Model deployed on National Centre for Atmospheric Research (USA) computing facility
 HadSM3 deployed on distributed computing platform
 CSIRO-mk30 deployed on unknown computer
 ipsl-cm4 deployed on unknown computer
 ncare-ccsm30 deployed on unknown computer
 Forecast trajectories deployed on unknown computer
 GFDL deployed on unknown computer
 MOM deployed on unknown computer
 Trajectories deployed on unknown computer
 UK Chemistry Aerosol Community Model - UKCA deployed on Cambridge University computer

 Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes above a South-East Asian tropical rain forest (OP3)
 Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes above a South-East Asian tropical rain forest (OP3-1) Project
 Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes above a South-East Asian tropical rain forest (OP3-3) Project
 Rain in Cumulus over the Ocean (RICO)
 NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
 Joint Airborne IASI Validation Experiment (JAIVEX)
 NEON Infra-Red Camera
 Greenland Flow Distortion EXperiment (GFDex)
 Meteorological Institute, Free University Berlin, Germany
 UK-Japan Climate Collaboration (UJCC) project
 CRYOspheric STudies of Atmospheric Trends (CRYOSTAT)
 Airborne Southern Hemisphere Ozone Experiment (ASHOE) / Measurements for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft (MAESA)
 Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange Project (STEP)
 Polluted Troposphere NERC Research Programme
 VIRTEM Validation of IASI Radiative Transfer: Experiments and Modelling
 European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE)
 World Land Surface Temperature Atlas (1992-1993) - ESA
 ARSF - Flight 86/43: Dolgellau area
 ARSF - Flight 84/38: Crymlyn Bog area
 ARSF - Flight 84/39: Cricklade area
 ARSF - Flight 84/41: Swindon area
 ARSF - Flight 85/23: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 88/39: Brawdy area
 Dust and Biomass EXperiment (DABEX)
 ARSF - Flight 88/41: West Solent area
 European eXport of Precursors and Ozone by long-Range Transport (EXPORT)
 Climatology Interdisciplinary Data Collection (CIDC)
 European Space Agency (ESA)
 Continuum Absorption in the Visible and Infrared and its Atmospheric Relevance (CAVIAR)
 Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis (Amazonica)
 Aerosol Direct Radiative Impact Experiment (ADRIEX)
 Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment (GEDEX)
 ITALSAT 40GHz Radio Propagation Experiment - UK
 ITALSAT 50GHz Radio Propagation Experiment - UK
 ITALSAT 20GHz Radio Propagation Experiment - UK
 NASA Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE)
 Southern Ocean Atmospheric Photochemistry Experiment 2 (SOAPEX-2)
 Terrain-induced Rotor EXperiment (T-REX)
 MICROwave investigation of MIXed phase cloud (MICROMIX)
 SALSTICE Semi-Arid Land Surface Temperature IASI Cal/val
 STICCS - Submillimetre Trial In Cirrus and Clear Skies
 Met Office PIKNMIX campaigns: cloud pyhsics and radiation events
 Hydrological Radar Experiment (HYREX)
 Flux Experiment (FLUXEX)
 Production of Ozone of South-east England (POSE)
 European AQUA Thermodynamic Experiment (EAQUATE)
 VOCALS-UK - Continuum Absorption in the Visible and Infrared and its Atmospheric Relevance
 IPCC Second Assessment Report
 IPCC Third Assessment Report
 Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment (AAOE-87)
 HiGEM - High Resolution Global Environmental Modelling - Consortium
 Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC formely known as NDSC)
 COSIC - COntrails Spreading into Cirrus
 Firn Record of Trace Gases Relevant to Atmospheric Chemical Change over 100 yrs (FIRETRACC/100)
 LAND EMISSivity experiment (LAND EMISS)
 ECMWF Trajectories project
 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)
 Ice Nuclearisation in Wave Clouds (NU-WAVE)
 Contrail Forecast Verification Experiment (COVEX)
 Climate Impacts LINK Project
 Ice and Precipitation Initiation in Cumulus (ICEPIC)
 High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) Consortium
 NCAVEO - Network for Calibration and Validation of EO data
 SCanning Imaging Absorption SpectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY (SCIAMACHY)
 Eumetsat Polar System
 International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project Initiative II
 NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellite Series
 SHAC 2000 Campaign
 ARSF - Flight GB05/16: Birmingham area
 ARSF - Flight GB05/15: Fingringhoe area
 ARSF - Flight GB2004/21: Chilbolton area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/09: Slovenia - Idrija and Ravne Faults
 ARSF - Flight 03/28: Bath area
 ARSF - Flight 03/20: Glass Sat Cal Project
 ARSF - Flight 04/999: Test - Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 03/02: Arctic Sea Ice
 ARSF - Flight 03/07: Reading area
 ARSF - Flight 03/22: Sound of Eriskay area
 ARSF - Flight 03/CAL: Calibration over Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 03/xx: Sawtry area
 ARSF - Flight 02/04: Plymouth area
 ARSF - Flight 02/20: River Frome
 ARSF - Flight 02/35: Newport Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 02/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 01/40: Black Ven area
 ARSF - Flight 01/41: Unnamed Project
 ARSF - Flight 01/42: Netherlands, Millingerwaard area
 ARSF - Flight 01/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 00/01: France, Morbihan area
 ARSF - Flight 00/20: Bedfordshire and West Midlands areas
 ARSF - Flight 00/22: New Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 00/25: Isle of Islay
 ARSF - Flight 00/28: River Nith
 ARSF - Flight 00/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 97/18: Auchencarroch, Tarbolton Ayrshire and Greengairs areas
 ARSF - Flight 99/01: Griffin Forest, Alice Holt area
 ARSF - Flight 99/08: Grimsby, Immingham and Hessle areas
 ARSF - Flight 98/06: Conington area
 ARSF - Flight 98/xx: North West Norfolk area
 ARSF - Flight 94/09: Glensaugh, Sourhope (North), Sourhope (South), Drayton, Wytham, Rothamsted, Cairngorms, Snowdonia, Porton, Alice Holt, North Wyke and Moor House areas
 ARSF - Flight 95/35: Alps Italy and Austria, Ecomont area
 ARSF - Flight 97/21: Tweed Estuary and Humber Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 97/test: Denmark, Storebaelt Bridge area
 ARSF - Flight 95/16: Spain, Rodalquilar area
 ARSF - Flight 95/20: Tweed Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 95/29: Spain - Rodalquilar and Carboneras areas
 ARSF - Flight 95/30: Spain, Coto Donana area
 ARSF - Flight 95/34: Lake Vrynwy area
 ARSF - Flight 93/05: Spain, Portugos area
 ARSF - Flight 96/02: Llanbrynmair Moor area
 ARSF - Flight 96/23: Spain - Puerto Lumbreras, Embalse de Puentes and Las Palas areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/28: Spain - Las Palas and Puerto Lumbreras areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/29: Spain, Rambla Honda, Velez del Rubio and Rambla de Noglate areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/30: Spain, Rambla Honda, Velez del Rubio, Rambla de Nogalte and Rambla del Chortal areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/32: Salisbury Plain
 ARSF - Flight 96/33: Porton Down area
 ARSF - Flight 96/34: Lake Vyrnwy
 ARSF - Flight 96/36: Walsall and Wolverhampton areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 96/xx: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 97/09: Kilham area
 ARSF - Flight 93/19: Thorney Island area
 ARSF - Flight 95/x: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 95/xx: Conington area
 ARSF - Flight 94/25: Charmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 94/26: Black Ven area
 ARSF - Flight 94/18: Broadbalk area
 ARSF - Flight 94/14: Tamar Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 93/RT: River Tay flood plain
 ARSF - Flight 93/xx: South Downs area
 ARSF - Flight 91/28: France, Col de Peyrelue area
 ARSF - Flight 92/16: Somme Basin and French Coast area
 ARSF - Flight 92/21: River Severn, Caersws area
 ARSF - Flight 91/15: Tamar Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 91/31: Stour Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 91/40: Charmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 91/41: Whitehaven area
 ARSF - Flight 91/43: South Coast area
 ARSF - Flight 91/44: Humber Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 90/02: Central Highlands area
 ARSF - Flight 90/06: West Cumbria, Ullock area
 ARSF - Flight 90/12: Broadbalk area
 ARSF - Flight 90/15: Somerset Levels area
 ARSF - Flight 90/17: Somerset Levels area
 ARSF - Flight 89/28: Helmsdale area
 ARSF - Flight 89/15: Vale of Clwyd area
 ARSF - Flight 89/27: River Severn
 ARSF - Flight 89/30: Wolferton Creek, Welney, Woodwalton Fen, Monks Wood, Swavesey and Littlebury Green areas
 ARSF - Flight 88/34: Skelmersdale area
 ARSF - Flight 88/36: Charmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 88/37: Folkestone area
 ARSF - Flight 86/01: Brooms Barn area
 ARSF - Flight 86/12: Skipwith Common area
 ARSF - Flight 86/29: Avon Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 86/30: Irish Sea
 ARSF - Flight 86/37: Southampton Water area
 ARSF - Flight 86/44: Bentley Wood, Whitecross Green Wood, Shabbington Wood and Waterperry Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/47: Brentwood area
 ARSF - Flight 86/50: Picket Wood, Somerford Common and Ampfield Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/xx: Liphook area
 ARSF - Flight 85/02: Rothamsted area
 ARSF - Flight 85/18: Bawtry (E) area
 ARSF - Flight 85/19: Bawtry (W) area
 ARSF - Flight 85/30: Snowdonia and Aber areas
 ARSF - Flight 85/32: Swindon area
 ARSF - Flight 85/CR30: Newborough Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 85/RE: River Estuaries
 ARSF - Flight 85/XX: Swindon area
 ARSF - Flight 84/26: Strath Oykel area
 ARSF - Flight 84/28: Loch Assynt area
 ARSF - Flight 84/35: Swansea area
 ARSF - Flight 84/test: Kidlington area
 ARSF - Flight 83/16: Derbyshire area
 ARSF - Flight 83/47: Norwich, Strumpshaw Marsh area
 ARSF - Flight 83/test: Swindon area
 ARSF - Flight 83/R3: Weston-super-Mare area
 ARSF - Flight 82/24: Windermere area
 ARSF - Flight 91/04: Grafham Water and Monks Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 91/05: North Sea, Rotterdam area
 ARSF - Flight 91/29: Anglesey area
 ARSF - Flight 92/08: River Tay
 ARSF - Flight 92/10: Insh Marshes area
 ARSF - Flight 88/01: Severn Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 88/10: North Dartmoor area
 ARSF - Flight 88/11: Hertord area
 ARSF - Flight 88/17: Belper area
 ARSF - Flight 88/14: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 88/05: Fife and Tayside areas
 ARSF - Flight 88/06: North Sea Teeside and Humberside areas
 ARSF - Flight 88/07: Bell Rock area
 ARSF - Flight 88/16: Belper area
 ARSF - Flight 88/03: Aberlady Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 88/31: Guiting Power area
 ARSF - Flight 88/38: Ironbridge area
 ARSF - Flight 87/20: Hunterston area
 ARSF - Flight 87/27: Esthwaite Water area
 ARSF - Flight 87/32: Clipstone Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 87/43: Hamford and West Mersea areas
 ARSF - Flight 87/44: Aran Fawddwy area
 ARSF - Flight 87/47: Dolgellau area
 ARSF - Flight 87/48: Crymlyn Bog area
 ARSF - Flight 87/50: River Esk and River Duddon Catchment areas
 ARSF - Flight 87/51: Conway Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 87/57: Parys Mountain area
 ARSF - Flight 87/58: Brue Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 87/06: Yorkshire Wolds area
 ARSF - Flight 87/12: Hunterston area
 ARSF - Flight 86/15: Derwent Fells area
 ARSF - Flight 86/16: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 86/34: Skomer Island, West Angle Bay, Freshwater West and Stackpole Quay areas
 ARSF - Flight 93/16: Dufton Pike area
 ARSF - Flight 91/09: Lake Vrywny and Rutland Water areas
 ARSF - Flight 85/CR2: Wellesbourne area
 ARSF - Flight 03/24: Ythan Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 98/08: Bosworth Field area
 ARSF - Flight 98/09: Barrmill area
 ARSF - Flight 98/10: Inshriach and Rothiemurchus area
 ARSF - Flight 98/12: Pang Catchment, Wallingford area
 ARSF - Flight 98/13: Holderness and Immingham area
 ARSF - Flight 97/02: Broadway area
 ARSF - Flight 97/19: Trough of Bowland, Wet Sleddale and Auchencarroch areas
 ARSF - Flight 98/05: Creuddyn Peninsula area
 ARSF - Flight 98/14: Stonton Brook and the River Welland
 ARSF - Flight 98/18: Newbiggin Crag area
 ARSF - Flight 98/19: Netherlands, Westerschelde Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 98/20: Hunston area
 ARSF - Flight 98/21: Faringdon area
 ARSF - Flight 98/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 95/03: River Severn
 ARSF - Flight 95/07: Kingsteignton and Chelson Meadow areas
 ARSF - Flight 95/08: Ashford area
 ARSF - Flight 95/15: Italy, Ecomont to Bondone area
 ARSF - Flight 96/05: Portsmouth Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 96/08: Ribble Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 96/15: Beaulieu Heath area
 ARSF - Flight 96/18: Bailden to Denholme area
 ARSF - Flight 96/31: Southwest Approaches
 ARSF - Flight 97/04: Kirkcudbright Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 97/05: Loch Ness, Loch Awe and Loch Lomond
 ARSF - Flight 97/06: Rostherne area
 ARSF - Flight 97/07: Blyth Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 97/11: Dee Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 97/14: Whiteford and Kenfig Burrows
 ARSF - Flight 97/16: Warren Hills, Beacon Hill and Bradgate Park areas
 ARSF - Flight 97/17: Barton Bendish area
 ARSF - Flight 95/01: Caldicot Levels area
 ARSF - Flight 95/02: River Ribble
 ARSF - Flight 95/05: Wroxeter area
 ARSF - Flight 95/09: Rivers Tweed, Trent, Tame, Aire, Nidd, Wharfe, Ure, Wiske and Swale
 ARSF - Flight 95/11: Outer Hebrides, South Uist area
 ARSF - Flight 95/14: Broadbalk area
 ARSF - Flight 95/24: Berwick-upon-Tweed, Humber Estuary, RACS Moorings, Holderness, Brough and Rivers Ouse and Humber
 ARSF - Flight 96/03: River Ythan and Montrose Basin area
 ARSF - Flight 96/04: Kinloch, Kintail and Kingussie areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/07: New Forest, Frame Wood
 ARSF - Flight 96/10: Spain, Tabernas area
 ARSF - Flight 96/14: Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill, Warren Hills and Charnwood Forest areas
 ARSF - Flight 96/16: Isle of Grain
 ARSF - Flight 96/21: Blackbrook Catchment area
 ARSF - Flight 96/22: Blackbrook Catchment area
 ARSF - Flight 93/18: Loch Spelve area
 ARSF - Flight 93/23: Goss Moor area
 ARSF - Flight 94/01: Rivers at York and Goole
 ARSF - Flight 94/02: Christchurch Bay and Southampton Water areas
 ARSF - Flight 94/08: Plynlimon area
 ARSF - Flight 95/18: Isle of Grain
 ARSF - Flight 95/21: Bere Regis area
 ARSF - Flight 95/22: Cutsdean area
 ARSF - Flight 95/23: Denny Lodge area
 ARSF - Flight 95/25: Plymouth area
 ARSF - Flight 95/26: Shuttleworth Farm area
 ARSF - Flight 93/03: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 93/08: Ullswater area
 ARSF - Flight 93/09: River Tay
 ARSF - Flight 93/10: Garboldisham and Hambledon areas
 ARSF - Flight 93/25: Flanders Moss area
 ARSF - Flight 94/03: River Test
 ARSF - Flight 94/05: Rivers Ythan, Eden, Lune, Dyfi, Alde, Deben, Swale, Tamar and Plym. Auchencairn, Foryd and Swansea Bays. Duddon, Artro and Mawddach Estuaries. Cromarty, Montrose Basin, Tyningham, Breydon Water, Blyth, Pagham Harbour and Hayle areas
 ARSF - Flight 94/07: Shuttleworth Farm area
 ARSF - Flight 94/11: Wolverhampton area
 ARSF - Flight 94/16: Aber Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 94/17: Middlebere Heath area
 ARSF - Flight 94/20: Folkestone Warren area
 ARSF - Flight 94/23: River Lavant
 ARSF - Flight 94/24: Teesmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 94/test: Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 91/08: Spain, Carboneras Inshore Waters area
 ARSF - Flight 91/22: Spain, Cabo de Gata area
 ARSF - Flight 91/27: Dover Straits area
 ARSF - Flight 91/30: Spain, Embalse de Iznajar area
 ARSF - Flight 91/36: Spain - Ardales and Antequera areas
 ARSF - Flight 91/37: Spain, Carboneras area
 ARSF - Flight 92/01: Loch Fleet area
 ARSF - Flight 92/04: Orpington area
 ARSF - Flight 92/06: Loch Spelve area
 ARSF - Flight 92/07: Langstone Harbour and Chichester Harbour
 ARSF - Flight 92/09: Bracknell area
 ARSF - Flight 92/13: Cefni Reservoir and Llyn Alaw areas
 ARSF - Flight 92/15: Heslerton area
 ARSF - Flight 92/17: River Ouse at York and Goole
 ARSF - Flight 92/18: Dudley and Queslett areas
 ARSF - Flight 92/22: Teesmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 92/23: Lands End, Lizard area
 ARSF - Flight 91/01: Wytham area
 ARSF - Flight 91/02: Moor House Nature Reserve
 ARSF - Flight 91/06: Montrose Basin area
 ARSF - Flight 91/17: Cym Dyli area
 ARSF - Flight 91/18: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 91/25: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 91/32: Loch Linnhe area
 ARSF - Flight 91/35: River Severn
 ARSF - Flight 90/01: Tyndrum area
 ARSF - Flight 90/05: Castle Donington area
 ARSF - Flight 90/10: River Great Ouse
 ARSF - Flight 90/13: Slapton Ley area
 ARSF - Flight 90/14: Cym Dyli area
 ARSF - Flight 90/18: River Teme
 ARSF - Flight 90/19: Slapton Ley area
 ARSF - Flight 90/20: Slapton area
 ARSF - Flight 90/21: River Tywi
 ARSF - Flight 90/22: Torness area
 ARSF - Flight 90/23: Severn Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 90/25: Plymouth Sound area
 ARSF - Flight 90/28: Cardigan Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 90/29: Wylfa area
 ARSF - Flight 90/30: St. Abbs Head and Bell rock areas
 ARSF - Flight 90/32: Dover Straits area
 ARSF - Flight 90/34: Slapton Ley area
 ARSF - Flight 90/35: Snowdonia area
 ARSF - Flight 90/37: Slapton Ley area
 ARSF - Flight 90/38: Royal Aircraft Establishment, Bedford
 ARSF - Flight 90/39: Nottingham area
 ARSF - Flight 90/41: Welland Valley and Nene Valley
 ARSF - Flight 90/42: Grafham Water area
 ARSF - Flight 90/43: Swansea area
 ARSF - Flight 89/01: Charmouth East area
 ARSF - Flight 89/02: The Potteries area
 ARSF - Flight 89/03: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 89/04: River Exe area
 ARSF - Flight 89/05: Ash Ranges area
 ARSF - Flight 89/06: Plymouth Sound area
 ARSF - Flight 89/07: Whistand Bay and Exe Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 89/09: Tamar Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 89/11: Newborough Warren area
 ARSF - Flight 89/12: Torness area
 ARSF - Flight 89/14: Gedney Hill and Gwydyr Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 89/16: Sennybridge Range area
 ARSF - Flight 89/17: Panshanger area
 ARSF - Flight 89/18: Conington area
 ARSF - Flight 89/20: Holderness area
 ARSF - Flight 89/24: Lake District - Devoke Water, Wast Water, Seathwaite Tarn, Levers Water and Wet Sleddale areas
 ARSF - Flight 89/31: Thetford and Reedham areas
 ARSF - Flight 88/12: Severn Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 88/15: Morrich More area
 ARSF - Flight 88/22: Windermere area
 ARSF - Flight 87/04: D'Arcy Cousland area
 ARSF - Flight 87/08: West Solent area
 ARSF - Flight 87/15: Pembroke Coast
 ARSF - Flight 87/26: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 87/29: Brooms Barn area
 ARSF - Flight 87/30: Holderness area
 ARSF - Flight 87/31: Broadbalk area
 ARSF - Flight 87/34: Morrich More area
 ARSF - Flight 87/36: Belper area
 ARSF - Flight 87/38: Blewbury area
 ARSF - Flight 87/39: Blewbury and Barton Broads areas
 ARSF - Flight 87/40: Esk and Irt Estuaries
 ARSF - Flight 87/41: Southampton Water area
 ARSF - Flight 87/42: West Solent and Christchurch Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 87/59: Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough
 ARSF - Flight 86/02: Blakey Ridge and Glaisdale Rigg areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/03: Oxford Flood Plain area
 ARSF - Flight 86/06: Rhondda area
 ARSF - Flight 86/09: Southover Heath and Swanley area
 ARSF - Flight 86/10: Leverton Marsh area
 ARSF - Flight 86/11: Morton Fen area
 ARSF - Flight 86/14: Ripon area
 ARSF - Flight 86/17: Esthwaite Water area
 ARSF - Flight 86/18: Dinnet area
 ARSF - Flight 86/20: Duddon Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 86/21: Holderness area
 ARSF - Flight 86/25: Bawtry
 ARSF - Flight 86/26: Clipstone and Bawtry areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/28: New Forest, Yateley Common, Broxhead Common and Burghclere Common areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/32: Swavesey Fen, Woodwalton and Monks Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/33: Strathy, Pollie Hill, Rimsdale, Poulray and North Dalchork areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/35: Barton Broad and Blewbury area
 ARSF - Flight 86/42: Nantlle Ridge area
 ARSF - Flight 86/46: River Esk
 ARSF - Flight 85/03: Loch Leven area
 ARSF - Flight 85/05: Swansea Bay and Bosherston Lakes areas
 ARSF - Flight 85/06: The Wash area
 ARSF - Flight 85/10: Llanilar area
 ARSF - Flight 85/11: Ballater area
 ARSF - Flight 85/12: Southampton and Chandlers Ford area
 ARSF - Flight 85/13: New Forest and Chesil Beach areas
 ARSF - Flight 85/15: Irish Sea and River Conway
 ARSF - Flight 85/16: Didcot area
 ARSF - Flight 85/17: Blewbury area
 ARSF - Flight 85/24: Bury St. Edmunds and Brooms Barn areas
 ARSF - Flight 85/25: Theobalds Park area
 ARSF - Flight 85/28: M1 Motorway
 ARSF - Flight 85/29: Furzebrook area
 ARSF - Flight 85/31: Sutton Bonington area
 ARSF - Flight 85/CR1: Morfa Mawr, Plas Gogerddan and Bronydd Mawr areas
 ARSF - Flight 84/01: Loch Assynt area
 ARSF - Flight 84/02: Lathkilldale area
 ARSF - Flight 84/03: Danby High Moor area
 ARSF - Flight 84/04: Sutton Bonington area
 ARSF - Flight 84/05: Western Approaches area
 ARSF - Flight 84/06: Didcot area
 ARSF - Flight 84/08: Reading, Theale area
 ARSF - Flight 84/10: Swansea Bay and Bristol Channel area
 ARSF - Flight 84/11: New Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 84/12: Coed-y-Brenin area
 ARSF - Flight 84/13: Ballantrae area
 ARSF - Flight 84/14: Snowdonia area
 ARSF - Flight 84/15: Anglesey area
 ARSF - Flight 84/16: Cumbria area
 ARSF - Flight 84/17: Loch Leven, Loch Tay and Loch Lomond
 ARSF - Flight 84/21: Braunton Burrows area
 ARSF - Flight 84/22: Holderness area
 ARSF - Flight 84/24: Thetford and Chepstow areas
 ARSF - Flight 84/25: Theobalds Park area
 ARSF - Flight 84/27: Strumpshaw, Hickling and Acle areas
 ARSF - Flight 84/31: Rutland Water area
 ARSF - Flight 84/32: Durham area
 ARSF - Flight 84/33: Rothamstead Park area
 ARSF - Flight 84/36: Dyfed area
 ARSF - Flight 83/02: Gedney Hill area
 ARSF - Flight 83/13: Portsmouth area
 ARSF - Flight 83/19: Dorchester, Poole, Henley and Dartford areas
 ARSF - Flight 83/22: North Yorkshire area
 ARSF - Flight 83/34: Nottingham area
 ARSF - Flight 83/36: Winchester area
 ARSF - Flight 83/43: Chatteris area
 ARSF - Flight 83/R4: Theobalds Park area
 ARSF - Flight 83/R5: Horsey Mere area
 ARSF - Flight 82/02: Chepstow and Thetford areas
 ARSF - Flight 82/25: Gower, Tawe Valley and Crai areas
 ARSF - Flight 82/26: Lathkill Dale area
 ARSF - Flight 82/34: Wymondham area
 ARSF - Flight 82/39: Severn Estuary and The Wash
 ARSF - Flight 82/40: Norton Lindsey area
 ARSF - Flight 82/41: Shapwick, Gedney Hill, Chatteris and Strumpshaw areas
 ARSF - Flight 82/43: Broads area
 ARSF - Flight 82/test: Conington area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/33: Italy, Mt Etna Volcano
 ARSF - Flight MC04/32: Italy, Latera area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/29: Italy, Venice area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/28: Italy - Castelvetrano and Maganoce areas
 ARSF - Flight MC04/24: Italy, Nepi area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/20: Italy, Spilimbergo area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/16: Greece, Khora Sfakion area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/15: Crete, Sitia area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/14: Cersosimo and Arpi (Italy) and Heslerton (UK) areas
 ARSF - Flight MC04/10: Greece, Milos Island
 ARSF - Flight GB2005/14: North York Moors area
 ARSF - Flight GB2005/13: Plymouth area
 ARSF - Flight GB2004/23: Filey Bay, Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby Abbey
 ARSF - Flight GB05/02: Dee Estuary
 ARSF - Flight GB05/01: Edinburgh and Glasgow areas
 ARSF - Flight 05/CAL: Calibration over Monks Wood area
 ARSF - Flight GB03/13: Wytham Woods area
 ARSF - Flight 04/29: Glen Ogle and Glen Ample Landslides and Deposits
 ARSF - Flight 04/16: Norfolk Broads area
 ARSF - Flight 04/03: Sheffield, Cardiff and Cambridge areas
 ARSF - Flight 04/02: Conwy Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 03/16: Svalbard - Gulfaske, Albrecht, Slakbreen, Bakaninbreen, Midrelovenbreen, Austrbrogger, Finsterwalderbreen, Fridtjonbreen and Koristka
 ARSF - Flight 03/15: Wytham Woods area
 ARSF - Flight 03/04: Svalbard, Midrelovenbreen area
 ARSF - Flight 02/19: Monks Wood and Woodwalton areas
 ARSF - Flight 01/12: Llangattock and Ripon areas
 ARSF - Flight 03/17: Sweden, Abisko area
 ARSF - Flight 02/16: Tamar Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 03/10: Lakselv and Divadalen areas
 ARSF - Flight 03/11: Sheep House Wood, Wytham Wood and Brampton Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 04/05: Harwood Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 04/09: Wantage area
 ARSF - Flight 04/11: Plymouth area
 ARSF - Project 04/13: Irish Sea
 ARSF - Flight 04/17: Manchester area
 ARSF - Flight 04/18: Insh Marshes area
 ARSF - Flight 04/19: Nigg Bay area
 ARSF - Flight 04/26: Pipeline through Aberdeenshire
 ARSF - Flight 04/28: Northborough area
 ARSF - MC04/03/12: Greece - Spilli, Mires, Plakiotissa and Zaros areas
 ARSF - Flight MC04/12: Greece - Spilli, Mires, Plakiotissa and Zaros areas
 ARSF - Flight MC04/19: Italy, Collazzone area
 ARSF - Flight MC04/21: Greece - Kameni and Santorini Islands
 ARSF - Flight MC04/22: Crete, Palekastro and Itanos areas
 ARSF - Flight 00/02: Insh Marshes area
 ARSF - Flight 02/03: Ribble Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 02/26: Woodwalton Fen, Woodwalton and Monks Wood areas
 ARSF - Flight 03/03: Llangattock Plateau area
 ARSF - Flight 03/18: Calstock and Plymouth areas
 ARSF - Flight 03/31: Kelso area
 ARSF - Flight 00/03: Blackbrook Catchment area
 ARSF - Flight 00/16: Salisbury Plain area
 ARSF - Flight 00/24: Nottingham and Chesterfield areas
 ARSF - Flight 02/01: Isles of Coll and Tiree
 ARSF - Flight 02/02: Cors Fochno area
 ARSF - Flight 02/06: Lambden Burn area
 ARSF - Flight 02/09: Coombe Barton area
 ARSF - Flight 02/10: Tollesbury area
 ARSF - Flight 02/12: Chichester Harbour area
 ARSF - Flight 02/15: Manchester area
 ARSF - Flight 02/22: Polden Hills area
 ARSF - Flight 02/28: Avonmouth Smelter area
 ARSF - Flight 02/29: Harper Adams area
 ARSF - Flight 02/30: New Forest - Minstead and Highland Water areas
 ARSF - Flight 02/31: Rothamsted area
 ARSF - Flight 02/34: Houghton le Spring area
 ARSF - Flight 02/43: Berwyn Mountains
 ARSF - Flight 97/13: Aspull and Coleorton areas
 ARSF - Flight 01/33: Iceland, Myvatn area
 ARSF - Flight 98/16: Scolt Head Island, Tollesbury
 ARSF - Flight 99/04: Lyme Regis, The Pound, Eastbourne and Bembridge areas
 ARSF - Flight 03/12: Svalbard, Finsterwalderbreen area
 ARSF - Flight 03/19: Monks Wood area
 ARSF -Flight 01/38: Atmospheric Tests
 ARSF - Flight 01/19: Iceland, Grimsvotn area
 ARSF - Flight 01/25: Norfolk Coast, Salthouse area
 ARSF - Flight 01/26: Mocatan Catchment area
 ARSF - Flight 01/35: Iceland, Jokulsa area
 ARSF - Flight 01/36: Iceland, Jarlhettur area
 ARSF - Flight 01/39: Thorney Island area
 ARSF - Flight 01/44: Plymouth Algal Bloom
 ARSF - Flight 01/18: Iceland, Langjokull area
 ARSF - Flight 01/34: Iceland, Borgarfjordur area
 ARSF - Flight 01/16: Sorbas Basin area
 ARSF - Flight 01/17: Butterwick Low area
 ARSF - Flight 01/10: Tibberton area
 ARSF - Flight 01/11: Menai Straits area
 ARSF - Flight 01/08: Spain, Rodaquilar area
 ARSF - Flight 01/07: Spain, Rio de Ribadeo area
 ARSF - Flight 01/06: Ribble Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 01/04: Cors Caron area
 ARSF - Flight 01/15: New Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 00/13: Spain, Rambla Castanos
 ARSF - Flight 01/02: River Nith
 ARSF - Flight 01/03: Crowmarsh Gifford area
 ARSF - Flight 00/23: Wye Valley area
 ARSF - Flight 00/07: Grizedale, Straits Inclosure and Blackwood areas
 ARSF - Flight 00/10: Cardiff area
 ARSF - Flight 00/12: Spain - Nogalte and Torrealvilla areas
 ARSF - Flight 01/14: Weardale area
 ARSF - Flight 01/13: Lyme Regis area
 ARSF - Flight 00/30: North Atlantic
 ARSF - Flight 00/17: Tamar Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 00/04: Shell Haven area
 ARSF - Flight 00/28/NL: Netherlands - Ooster-/Westerschelde and Bommende areas
 ARSF - Flight 00/06: Netherlands, Westerschelde area
 ARSF - Flight 95/06: Humber-Wash area
 ARSF - Flight GB08/11: Brooms Farm area
 ARSF - Flight 89/21: Rutland Water area
 ARSF - Flight IPY07/07: Iceland - Myrdalsjokull and Oraefajokull areas
 ARSF - Flight 99/07: Tay Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 91/test: Woodwalton Fen Test Project
 ARSF - Flight 83/R1: Thetford area
 ARSF - Flight 03/05: Harwood Forest area
 ARSF - Flight 03/21: Loch Ard and Loch Achray
 ARSF - Flight 98/07: Esthwaite Water area
 ARSF - Flight 97/10: Bristol area
 ARSF - Flight CEH07/02: Stanlow area
 ARSF - Flight 96/20: Cwm Berwyn area
 ARSF - Flight 99/11: Tamar Estuary
 ARSF - Flight 98/17 Barnham and Thetford areas
 ARSF - Flight 99/09: Pilsey Sands area
 ARSF - Flight GB05/03: Newcastle, River Ouseburn and Harwood areas
 ARSF - Flight 00/11: Barton Bendish area
 ARSF - Flight GB06/07: Silver Flowe are Munsary Peatlands areas
 ARSF - Flight 97/08: Montrose Basin, Ythan and Eden Estuaries
 ARSF - Flight GB01/22: Brancaster area
 ARSF - Flight 90/44: Somerset Lakes - Chilton Trinity, Blagdon, Chew Valley, Emborough and Shearwater
 ARSF - Flight 95/13: Spain, Guadalfeo River Basin area
 ARSF - Flight 99/10: Petersfield and Thorney Island areas
 ARSF - Flight 86/49: River Taff
 ARSF - Flight 97/01: South Nottingham area
 ARSF - Flight 90/45: Winchester Wheat Fields area
 ARSF - Flight 03/08: Otterburn and Cheviot Hills area
 A Thermal Climatology of the West Midlands
 Meteorological Services of Canada (MSC)
 Meteosat Second Generation (MSG)
 Met Office - Cardington Data
 Meteosat Images of Europe
 ARSF - Flight 86/04: Feltwell area
 NCAS general FAAM flying (SeptEx, Winter 2010, Oil & Gas)
 C-130 Campaign
 Dynamics and Chemistry of Frontal Zones
 Experiment to investigate gravity waves, mixing and filamentation in the tropopause
 Intercontinental transport of ozone and precursors, North Atlantic study
 Tracers and Dispersion of Gaseous Pollutants
 Observation, Modelling and Management of Urban Air Pollution (PUMA Consortium)
 Characterisation, Source-Receptor Modelling and Fate of Organics in Airborne Particles
 Development of a User-Friendly Software Package for Predicting the Concentration of Pollutant in the Atmosphere from Chimney Emissions in Urban Environments
 Diode Laser Detection of Peroxy Radicals in the Atmosphere
 Airborne Particulate Pollutants: Physicochemistry and Toxicity
 An Instrumented Aircraft Facility to Provide Vertical Profiles of Wind, Temperature, Turbulence, Sensible Heat, Aerosol and Trace-Gas Concentrations and Fluxes within the Urban Boundary Layer for PUMA Consortia Model Validation
 Development of a Lumped Gas Phase Mechanism for Use in Urban Chemical Transport Models
 Universities Weather Research Network (UWERN) Urban Meteorology Programme
 Sources and Sinks of Urban Aerosols
 Evolution of the Particle Size Distribution of Vehicular Emissions in the Urban Atmosphere
 Experimental Quantification and Modelling of Dispersion of Particles in Urban Street Canyons
 CLOud Processing of regional Air Pollution advecting over land and sea.
 Ionisation as a precursor to aerosol formation
 Aircraft Measurement of Chemical Processing and Export fluxes of Pollutants over the UK (AMPEP)
 The NitroEurope Integrated Project (NEU)
 CLoud, Aerosol Characterisation Experiment (CLACE) in the Free Troposphere
 Quantifying Urban Emissions from the Air (QUEFA)
 Reading Assimilated Atmospheric Satellite Data
 European Space Agency - Measurement of H2O Absorption Cross-Sections
 Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas Plus (GOSTAplus)
 RAL Molecular Spectroscopy Facility (MSF)
 Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement II (SAM II)
 Bolton Experiment
 COAPEC 1000 years of model data
 International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project D1 dataset
 International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project D2 dataset
 MetOp validation group project space
 Stratospheric and Mesospheric Sounder (SAMS)
 ARSF - Flight 83/27: Snowdon area
 ARSF - Flight 83/18: Loch Assynt area
 ARSF - Flight GB08/13: Lake Vrywny area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/13: Spain, Rodaquilar area
 ARSF - Flight EU09/06: Iceland, Vatna area
 ARSF - Flight BGS07/02: Latera area
 ARSF - Flight UR08/01: Black Ven area
 ARSF - Flight 83/46: Solent area
 ARSF - Flight 92/03: Folkstone Warren area
 ARSF - Flight 92/14: Carboneras area
 ARSF - Flight 84/18: Lands End, Lizard area
 ARSF - Flight HY05/02: Ayrshire Coalfields
 ARSF - Flight GB09/05: Leighton, Leven and Esthwaite areas
 ARSF - Flight 88/21: Llyn Brianne area
 ARSF - Flight 92/11: Morales Basin area
 ARSF - Flight 85/CR3: Glen Saugh, Sourhope and Dundee areas
 ARSF - Flight CEH07/01: Buckingham area
 ARSF - Flight HY05/06: Pitlochry area
 ARSF - Flight GB09/07: West Coast - Braunton Burrows, Newborough Warren, Aberffraw, Morfa Dyffryn, Ynyslas, Kenfig Burrows and Whiteford Burrows areas
 ARSF - Flight GB06/11: Lake Vrywny area
 ARSF - Flight 82/22: Bristol Channel
 ARSF - Flight GB08/06: Bleaklow area
 ARSF - Flight 86/48: Rothamsted area
 ARSF - Flight CEH07/05: Wytham Woods and Huntington areas
 ARSF - Flight GB08/10: Denny Wood area
 ARSF - Flight 83/14: Leith area
 ARSF - Flight IPY09/11: Greenland, Helheim area
 ARSF - Flight 83/xx: East Midlands area
 ARSF - Flight 91/07: Spain, Sorbas area
 ARSF - Flight GB08/20: Grimsbrook area
 ARSF - Flight UR09/01: Cumbria Flood
 ARSF - Flight GB08/12: Borth Bog area
 ARSF - Flight GB03/01: Fiskerton and Barlings area
 ARSF - Flight 85/27: Ballantrae area
 ARSF - Flight GB08/test: Swindon area
 ARSF - Flight GB04/09: Sheepdrove Farm area
 Intermap NEXTMap Britain
 ARSF - Flight 04/27: Dorchester area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/07: France - Garonne and Allier Rivers
 ARSF - Flight WM06/09: France, Sinard area
 ARSF - Flight GB06/10: Network for Calibration and Validation of Earth Observations (NCAVEO) Project
 ARSF - Flight HY05/07: The Dark Peak, Bleaklow area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/15: Portugal, Castro Verde area
 ARSF - Flight HY05/03: Pipeline through Aberdeenshire
 ARSF - Flight WM06/03: Portugal - Serra de Monchique and Serra de Bensafrim
 ARSF - Flight WM06/11: Spain, Rio Tinto Catchment area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/06: Mojacar and Tabernas Basin
 ARSF - Flight WM06/17: Spain, Ria de Vigo area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/12: Spain, Agrio-Guadiamar Valley
 ARSF - Flight WM06/10: Spain, El Cautivo area
 ARSF - Flight WM06/05: Spain, Cordoba area
 ARSF - Flight GB05/08: Newcastle, River Ouseburn and Harwood areas
 ARSF - Flight GB06/14: Wytham Woods area
 ARSF - Flight GB06/09: Isle of Wight, Bembridge area
 ARSF - Flight GB06/12: Avonmouth, Ripon, Shipham, Little Ouse and Stiffkey areas
 ARSF - Flight GB06/02: Freiston Shore area
 ARSF - Flight GB04/20: River Coquet, Filey Bay, Robin Hood Bay and Whitby areas
 NERC Earth Observation Centres of Excellence