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ARSF - Flight GB2004/21: Chilbolton area

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ARSF project GB2004/21: Airborne Ozone LIDAR Validation Study. PI: Jim McQuaid. Site: Chilbolton.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB04_21
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Ozone is a major participant in many atmospheric phenomena. It occurs as a natural component in the atmosphere. High levels of ozone in the troposphere are undesirable, as ozone is toxic to virtually all life on earth including man (WMO, 1992). Ozone advected to the troposphere is a potent greenhouse gas and may have a significant impact on these areas with enhanced response to climate change. Ozone abundance in the troposphere is thought to have increased by in excess of 100% in the last 100 years (Wayne, 1991). Although tropospheric ozone accounts for only ~10% of the total ozone present in the atmosphere, it is vital for the primary initiation of many oxidation chains that occur in the natural atmosphere. There is a clear increase in ozone abundance with increasing altitude (figure 1), and over the past 30 years ozone (both photochemical and background) has shown a significant increase in both the boundary layer and free troposphere (figure 2).

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