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ASK16 - FUB aircraft

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Small tropospheric aicraft operated by Freie Universitat Berlin (FUB). The aircraft is of welded tube, wood and fabric construction and has a low-set high-aspect-ratio wing.

Seating is side-by-side for two persons under a fully transparent side-hinged canopy. The standard powerplant is a 72 h.p. Limbach Volksvagen 1700 driving a Hoffman variable-pitch propeller.

The ASK 16 has a retractable tail-wheel undercarriage with the main units mounted under the wings and retracting inwards.

Abbreviation: ASK16-FUB
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platformType:      aircraft
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Dimensions: Length: 7.32 m; Height: 2.75 m; Wingspan: 16.00 m; Flying performances: Speed: Min speed: 28 m/s Max speed: 53 m/s Usual speed during transit flights: 38 m/s Ascent rate: 2 m/s Altitude: (1 ft = 0.31 m) Min altitude: Above sea: 492 ft Above ground: 492 ft Max ceiling: 10000 ft Usual ceiling during measurements: 10000 ft Ceiling limitations: at typical payload Payload: Empty weight: 550 kg Max take-off weight: 750 kg Max payload: 80 kg Usual scientific payload during measurements: 20 kg Scientific payload for max endurance: 80 kg ... (X-coordinate of 1st point) Endurance: Max endurance: 7 h (at min scientific payload and max fuel) (Y-coordinate of 1st point) Endurance at max scientific payload: 7 h ... (Y-coordinate of 2nd point) Range: Max range: 1000 km (at min scientific payload and max fuel) Conditions for max range: VFR Range at max scientific payload: 280 km Usual range during measurement flight: 400 km Other: Weather conditions limitations: VFR, non icing Take-off runway length: 300 m Avionics: GPS, Radar altitude Aircraft modifications: Hard points: for additional fuel tanks or for a special pod with a maximum of 20 kg payload Acquisition systems: - PC-System with up to 100 Hz data rate - on demand - Embedded system with up to 2 Hz data rate - Data Storage on PCMCIA - different analog and digital interfaces - different serial Ports RS 232 Electrical power: Aircraft total electrical power (kW): 12V DC / 55A Electrical power (kW) and voltages (V) available for scientists: 12V DC at 20A

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