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ARSF - Flight 03/21: Loch Ard and Loch Achray

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ARSF project 03/21 led by T. Malthus. Site: Loch Ard/Achray.

Abbreviation: ARSF_03_21
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Keywords: Not defined
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This proposal requests support for a research project aimed at assessing the performance of remote sensing in its application to the Continuous Cover Forestry system, a management strategy that does not involve clear felling and replanting. The site corresponds to the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in the Aberfoyle area, in the Trossachs region in Scotland. The overall aim of the project is to investigate the potential and challenges in the application of high spatial and spectral resolution remote sensing to forest stands in transition to, and managed under the Continuous Cover Forestry system, in the UK context.

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