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ARSF - Flight MC04/14: Cersosimo and Arpi (Italy) and Heslerton (UK) areas

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ARSF project MC04/14: Airborne thermography and spectral sensitivity analysis of the soil and soil-vegetation interface for archaeological prospection. PI: Daniel Donoghue. Sites: Cersisimo, Arpi, Heslerton

Abbreviation: ARSF_MC04_14
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The aim of this proposal is to build upon our understanding of Apparent Thermal Inertia and VNIR spectral sensitivity models by testing these at sites with contrasting soil moisture and texture characteristics where buried archaeology has been mapped over large areas in detail by non-invasive high spatial resolution geophysical survey. At both these sites, one in the UK and one in southern Italy, the archaeology is of outstanding quality as well as international importance and at both sites previous daytime thermal survey with airborne scanners (ATM and MIVIS) has shown up features not easily identified at other wavelengths. The results will provide an unparalleled opportunity to compare and contrast thermography (ATM) and VNIR high spectral resolution data (CASI) with more established landscape prospection tools such as oblique and vertical aerial photography, multi-spectral imagery and detailed topographical (from LiDAR) survey. Both test sites have a large spatial coverage of geophysical survey and the possibility of follow-up excavation.

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