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ARSF - Flight MC04/21: Greece - Kameni and Santorini Islands

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ARSF project MC04/21: A digital elevation model for the Kameni Islands. PI: D. Pyle. Site: Kameni Island, Santorini.

Abbreviation: ARSF_MC04_21
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We propose to use the special deployment opportunity to obtain LIDAR and aerial photographic images of the young volcanic Kameni Islands (Santorini, Greece). These data will be used to develop a high resolution digital elevation model, and detailed lava flow map, of these islands. This will provide a baseline for the subsequent quantification of medium-term (years - decades) deformation of the Kameni islands, and, in the event of the expected future eruptions, a pre-eruptive topographic baseline. Spectral imaging will also provide an excellent link with ground-based monitoring of active fumaroles on the island; in particular, to determine whether there are hotspots that are not currently monitored from the ground. This work will directly benefit colleagues in Greece who are responsible for continuous monitoring of this active volcano. This work complements research activities that are already underway on the Kameni islands, funded through two NERC studentships, that are aimed at understanding the recent eruptive behaviour of these islands.

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