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ARSF - Flight GB04/20: River Coquet, Filey Bay, Robin Hood Bay and Whitby areas

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ARSF project GB04/20: Airborne LiDAR as a tool for modelling linkages between patch dynamics and community response to system change. PI: Andrew Large. Site: River Coquet.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB04_20
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Previous studies by the applicants have quantified the applicability of LiDAR data for reach-scale topographic mapping of gravel-bed channel systems. To model interactions between the macro-scale system drivers (hydrology, sediment movement) and the biotic communities on the meso-scale (geomorphological unit, response to individual events) the requirement is for an integrated mapping approach by augmenting LiDAR using appropriately georeferenced ground survey. The Coquet research has as its central focus better determination of the 'properties of patchiness' and how these influence river corridor processes and habitat availability and biodiversity. Earlier approaches have focused on attributes such as patch geometry and sediment accrual, but have ignored the influence of this on habitat change. Research objectives include elucidating temporal aspects of patch formation, persistence and function, determining feedback mechanisms between patchiness, instream processes and biotic diversity and linking hydrological processes with 'ex-channel habitat' including the wider floodplain. A detailed baseline exists for the study area as a result of acquisition of the 1998 LiDAR dataset. Updating the elevation models by a new LiDAR survey, along with ground-truth validation will allow spatial up-scaling from the site to an extended (5.5 km) reach scale, an exercise that will also benefit management approaches for these systems.

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