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Climate Impacts LINK Project

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The Climate Impacts LINK project provides climate simulations from the Met Office Hadley Centre to the UK and international academic community.

The climate model data includes climate change runs from HadCM2, HadCM3 and HadRM2. Both HadCM2 and HadCM3 are global coupled atmosphere-ocean models. HadCM2 was used in the IPCC second assessment report, but has since been superseded by HadCM3, the model used in the IPCC third assessment report. HadCM3 has an improved representation of the atmosphere and ocean physics compared to HadCM2. In particular the improvement in physics mean that HadCM3 has a reasonable, stable climate without the use of a flux correction. HadRM3 is a high resolution atmosphere model that is run over the European domain.

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