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ARSF - Flight MC04/32: Italy, Latera area

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ARSF Project MC04/32: Assessing the impacts of natural CO2 seeps in Italy as an analogue for CO2 sequestration. PI: Jonathan Pearce. Site: Latera.

Abbreviation: ARSF_MC04_32
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Keywords: Not defined
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The aim of this project is to assess the impacts of natural CO2 seeps in central Italy that are currently being studied in a joint collaborative project between BGS and the University La Sapienza Roma (URS) in Italy, as natural analogues of a leaking geological CO2 storage facility. These impacts include changes in vegetation, development of karst topography and damage to buildings through rapid sinkhole development, and risks of asphyxiation through CO2 build-up in residential areas in buildings and topographic depressions. The overall aim of the research is to monitor and characterise the response seen in remote sensing data of an area that is known to have CO2 leaks. From this experience appropriate monitoring methods can be designed for geological storage sites of carbon dioxide. By understanding the behaviour of such natural analogues, the aim is to design appropriate monitoring methods for the geological storage of carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Remote sensing, integrated with local in-situ measurements, offers one way to monitor storage and assess impacts over wide areas efficiently.

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