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ARSF - Flight 04/26: Pipeline through Aberdeenshire

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ARSF project 04/26: Detecting hydrocarbon induced geobotanical anomalies using hyperspectral imagery in Aberdeenshire. PI: M. Williams. Site: Aberdeen Pipeline

Abbreviation: ARSF_04_26
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Keywords: Not defined
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An investigation into the capability of hyperspectral remote sensing to detect potential sites of vulnerability was conducted along an 8km stretch of buried gas pipeline in Aberdeenshire, which traverses a range of arable crop types. Ultimately, it is intended that an algorithm will be developed to aid the detection of vulnerable sites in the vicinity of buried gas pipelines. CASI-2 Enhanced Spectral Mode (72 band configuration) and Spatial Mode, employing the default VEGETATION bandset, imagery will be required for the 8 km long stretch of pipeline, covering a strip 200 metres either side of the pipe. Ground calibration will be conducted simultaneously with the overflight, using an ASD field spectroradiometer and dGPS equipment belonging to Newcastle University.

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