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ARSF - Flight 03/11: Sheep House Wood, Wytham Wood and Brampton Wood areas

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ARSF project 03_11 led by S. Hinsley. Sites: Sheep House Wood, Wytham Wood, Brampton Wood.

Abbreviation: ARSF_03_11
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Keywords: Not defined
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We propose to collect multi-spectral and ALS data in mid summer (full leaf canopy) for four contrasting deciduous woodlands. All four woods are the focus of long-term bird monitoring/census work and are subject to various degrees of deer damage (see below). Three of the four contain deer exclosures. In addition, we propose to collect the same data in mid winter (no leaf canopy) for one site, Wytham Woods. Wytham has suffered extensive deer damage to the ground flora and shrub layer (see below for details). Using a combination of summer and winter data we will investigate the structural characteristics of this level of deer damage. It might then be possible to use such characteristics as a signature of significant damage identifiable via airborne survey at a landscape-scale. A second site, Bradfield Woods, is a working coppiced woodland and thus contrasts between levels of exposure to deer grazing should also be visible in the summer data for the recently cut compartments.

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