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ARSF - Flight WM06/06: Mojacar and Tabernas Basin

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ARSF project WM06/06: Multis-sensor geohazard mapping, SE Spain. PI: R. Teeuw. Site: Mojacar and Tabernas Basin.

Abbreviation: ARSF_WM06_06
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Keywords: Not defined
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This project examines slope instability features (debris flows, gullies, soil piping and erosion) in regolith derived from phyllite and graphitic schist in semi-arid SE Spain. Within the study areas there are areas with flash-flood hazard and potential neotectonic activity (Almeria-Palomares fault zone): these features will also be examined, though the focus is on slope instability. Two study areas have been selected: a coastal zone south of Mojacar and an inland zone in the Tabernas Basin. Recent land cover changes and the impacts of climate change look set to increase slope instability and flash flood hazards: there is therefore an urgent need for regional geohazard risk maps - we wish to see if these could be produced more effectively by utilising various remote sensing approaches. The project aim is to determine the geomorphological, geotechnical, spatial and spectral properties of the study area geohazards, with findings scaled-up and applied to relevant space data (notably ASTER, SRTM and simulated Hyper-X). The airborne survey will use the new hyperspectral sensor, ATM, LiDAR and stereoscopic aerial photography, with additional data from fieldwork, spectrometry and geotechnical analyses.

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