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ARSF - Flight GB06/09: Isle of Wight, Bembridge area

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ARSF project GB06/09: Mapping the 'white ribbon' coastal zone using hyperspectral remote sensing and lidar data. PI: M.Harrison. Site: White Chine, St. Catherine's Point, Bembridge, Ryde.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB06_09
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The white ribbon zone is an area marked as 'no data' on geological and marine maps. This zone is never mapped from either land or sea and yet important processes occur in this zone. With a possible rise in sea level due to climate change and an increase in the risk of coastal flooding it is important to characterise the sediments within the integrated coastal zone (ICZ) for coastal management activities. So far only aerial photography has been used to map the coastal zone. Combined analysis of hyperspectral airborne data and field spectrometry data will provide spectral information to determine the composition of deposits within the coastal zone and give more detailed information for costal zone mapping. Grain size will be determined using integrated Lidar data and ground truthing techniques. The study site chosen is a section of coast around the Isle of Wight, chosen because of the large amount of field data that exists for the coastal zone around the Isle of Wight and for the diverse range of sediment types exposed. Techniques will be developed to characterise these coastal sediments remotely both in an out of the shallow marine zone.

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