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GER3700 Spectroradiometer

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The GER 3700 from the Geophysical and Environmental Research Corporation (GER) is a high performance single-beam field spectroradiometer measuring over the visible to short-wave infrared wavelength range (350-2500nm). The GER 3700 is supplied in a sturdy, weather-tight field case, with batteries, battery charger and cables.

The instrument is controlled by a Panasonic ruggedized notebook PC via a 2m or 15m serial cable, and offers near real-time data display. The GER 3700 can be accurately positioned using a laser positioning beam. A range of foreoptics are available making it a suitable instrument for a wide variety of applications.

The GER 3700 system offers the user the greatest possible ease of operation for hand-held or tripod operation. Simple menu-driven programs control the set-up, acquisition, and data manipulation functions. Spectra are displayed on screen in real-time for immediate interpretation and evaluation. Data is stored in ASCII format for easy transfer to other software programs.

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