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AATSR: L2P Product (AATSR L2P) sea surface temperature values, v2.1

Update Frequency: Not Planned
Latest Data Update: 2019-03-18
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2014-07-07
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 153.84K Files | 2TB


Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR) mission was funded jointly by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change External Link (DECC) and the Australian Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research External Link (DIISR).

This dataset contains the Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR) on ESA ENVISAT satellite L2P product. These data are full resolution data with dual-view Sea Surface Temperature (SST) values.

Version 3.0 of this dataset is produced with the ARC L2P processor version 1.2, which replaces the ARC SST processor. The processor applies its own algorithm to generate SST data from the Level 1B Data. This method differs from that used to produce the Gridded Surface Temperature (GST) products. This product also includes the ATSR Saharan Dust index (ASDI) and the clear-sky probability estimated by the ARC cloud detection algorithm.

Citable as:  European Space Agency (2014): AATSR: L2P Product (AATSR L2P) sea surface temperature values, v2.1. NERC Earth Observation Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: AATSR, LP2 Product


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Data lineage:

The data were acquired by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Envisat satellite, and the NERC Earth Observation Data Centre (NEODC) mirrors the data for UK users.

File Format:
Data are netCDF formatted

Process overview

This dataset was generated by a combination of instruments deployed on platforms and computations as detailed below.

Instrument/Platform pairings

ENVISAT AATSR Deployed on: Envisat

Mobile platform operations

Mobile Platform Operation 1 Mobile Platform Operation for: Envisat

Computation Element: 1

Title Satellite deployed on Envisat
Abstract Envisat.
Input Description None
Output Description None
Software Reference None
Output Description


  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: wind_speed
  • var_id: wind_speed
  • long_name: 10m wind speed
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: Deviation from last SST analysis
  • var_id: dt_analysis
  • long_name: L2P flags
  • var_id: l2p_flags
  • units: degrees_north
  • var_id: lat_bnds
  • long_name: Latitude cell boundaries
  • units: degrees_east
  • var_id: lon_bnds
  • long_name: Longitude cell boundaries
  • long_name: Probability of pixel being clear
  • var_id: probability_clear
  • units:
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: SSES bias estimate
  • var_id: sses_bias
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: SSES standard deviation
  • var_id: sses_standard_deviation
  • long_name: Sampling uncertainty
  • var_id: sampling_uncertainty
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: Uncertainty due to radiometric noise
  • var_id: radiometric_uncertainty
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: Uncertainty from errors likely to be correlated over synoptic scales
  • var_id: synoptically_correlated_uncertainty
  • long_name: aerosol dynamic indicator
  • var_id: aerosol_dynamic_indicator
  • units:
  • units: 1
  • long_name: number of pixels from the L2P contributing to the SST value
  • var_id: or_number_of_pixels
  • var_id: quality_level
  • long_name: quality level of SST pixel
  • units: 1
  • long_name: sea ice fraction
  • standard_name: sea_ice_fraction
  • var_id: sea_ice_fraction
  • units: kelvin
  • long_name: sea surface skin temperature
  • standard_name: sea_surface_skin_temperature
  • var_id: sea_surface_temperature
  • units: angular_degree
  • long_name: solar zenith angle
  • standard_name: zenith_angle
  • var_id: solar_zenith_angle
  • units: seconds
  • long_name: time difference from reference time
  • var_id: sst_dtime

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degrees_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: lat
  • long_name: Latitude coordinates
  • units: degrees_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • var_id: lon
  • long_name: Longitude coordinates
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
  • long_name: reference time of sst file
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent