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ARSF - Flight 03/05: Harwood Forest area

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ARSF project 03/05 led by P. Lewis. Site: Harwood Forest.

Abbreviation: ARSF_03_05
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Keywords: Not defined
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Data from the NERC airborne CASI and ATM instruments are requested in support of ongoing research into measurement and modelling of forest growth dynamics and terrestrial sequestration of carbon using remote sensing (RS) data. This research is being carried out at UCL and Edinburgh under the aegis of the NERC Earth Observation Centre of Excellence in Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics. The aim of the research is to monitor forest structural and biochemical parameters related to canopy productivity and to relate these quantities to the net (daily and annual) fluxes of energy and carbon in forested regions. Structural parameters of interest include canopy height, leaf area index (LAI), standing biomass and canopy clumping; biochemical parameters include leaf pigment concentration, photosynthetic activity and light use efficiency (LUE) (Nichol et al., 2000, 2002). It is intended that structural and biochemical information regarding the state of the forest canopy would be extracted from multiangular/multispectral (ATM) and hyperspectral (CASI) reflectance data over the CARBOEUROPE site at Harwood Forest obtained (ideally) at two dates, towards the start and end of the UK growing season (e.g. early May and late August). The site is well-established as a field site, having been used in a number of (ongoing) experiments aimed at quantifying forest carbon fluxes (Valentini et al., 2000). Ground measurements of structural and biochemical parameters would be made contemporaneously with the airborne data acquisition, to allow validation of derived information. Equipment would be required from the NERC Equipment Pool for Field Spectroscopy (EPFS), including a radiometer for measuring canopy and soil spectra and a sun photometer for characterising atmospheric scattering. In order to estimate CO2 fluxes eddy covariance measurements would be made, in addition to measurements of leaf biochemistry (pigment concentrations). Finally, if LiDAR data over the site were acquired, significant additional structural information could be derived, such as canopy height, crown density and the vertical distribution of scattering objects within the canopy (depending on instrument type).

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