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South Uist: Met Office Windprofiler 915MHz

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The South Uist Radian LAP3000 Profiler was installed in 2002 and subsequently relocated to the Isle of Man. The instrument operates at a frequency of 915 Mhz and provides high-resolution wind information from the boundary layer and can see up to 8 km under appropriate conditions.

Abbreviation: southuist_915_radar
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instrumentType:      Radar
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Frequency 915.0 MHz
Height resolution (High/Low res.) 60 / 200m
Height range (High/Low res.) 0.3km to 8.0km
Averaging period 30 minutes
This instrument was operated at the NERC MST Radar site at Capel Dewi, near Aberystwyth between November 1999 and March 2002; it was then relocated to South Uist until May 2005 and is currently located on the Isle of Man.
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