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UK-Japan Climate Collaboration (UJCC) Model Matrix deployed on Earth Simulator Supercomputer

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This computation involved: UK-Japan Climate Collaboration (UJCC) Model Matrix deployed on Earth Simulator Supercomputer. UJCC is making use of a broad group of models in order to systematically explore the role and value of resolution in climate system research: starting with the base N96 AOGCM (HadGEM1), an array of coupled and uncoupled models has been set up, in order to test hypotheses about the global impact of increasingly resolving the fundamental building blocks of climate. This model "matrix" will be an invaluable resource for understanding the impact of resolution in both atmosphere and ocean model components, and will help to guide future model development.

All these models have as their baseline science that of the initial reference HadGEM1a models used at the Hadley Centre. These build on the IPCC AR4 version of the model, and include various small improvements to the science and fixing of known problems. The ultra high-speed parallel computing system, "Earth Simulator" attained the best computing performance in the world according to the Linpack benchmark test. The result of this test of execution performance, 35.61 TFlops (trillion operations per second), was approved and the Earth Simulator was registered as the world' s fastest supercomputer by Dr. Jack J. Dongarra of the University of Tennessee, USA, who announced the world Linpack benchmark test results. The Earth Simulator supercomputer is housed at the Earth Simulator Center in Japan.

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