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STICCS - Submillimetre Trial In Cirrus and Clear Skies

Status: completed
Publication State: published


STICCS is a Met Office project using the FAAM BAe-146 aircraft. The project aims to:
- Evaluate the performance of the ISMAR instrument.
- To measure the submillimetre spectral signature of cirrus and clear skies. Other aircraft instruments are required to provide ?truth? and provide closure measurements.
- To obtain microwave, submillimetre, infrared and visible aircraft data simultaneously with satellite overpasses (e.g. A-train, METOP).
- To overfly ground based sites (Chilbolton radar) in cirrus conditions and obtain submillimetre and in-situ cirrus measurements.

Abbreviation: STICCS
Keywords: STICCS, FAAM, Met Office

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