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ARSF - Flight WM06/09: France, Sinard area

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ARSF project WM06/09: Application of airborne remote sensing to the study of complex landslide terrains associated with the Quaternary glacio-lacustrine deposits of southeast France. PI: M.Whitworth. Site: Sinard, France

Abbreviation: ARSF_WM06_09
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Keywords: Not defined
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This proposal is designed to use an integrated suite of advanced remote sensing techniques and field based data collection to generate a model of landslides associated with glacio-lacustrine deposits in the French Alps. The scale and extent of the slope instability associated with these deposits warrants a significant research effort, as the landslides pose a significant threat to local population centres and infrastructure. Airborne remote sensing can provide an important contribution to this effort, allowing the study of the geomorphology, evolution and engineering geological state of the landslides using LiDAR, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery; combined with the existing time series analysis, this study will lead to a better understanding of alpine landslide terrains and the development of improved methods of hazard mapping of slope instability associated with glacio-lacustrine deposits.

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