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ARSF - Flight MC04/20: Italy, Spilimbergo area

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ARSF project MC04/20: Hydroecological dynamics of large floodplain rivers Fiume Tagliamento, NE Italy. PI: Geoffrey Petts. Site: Spilimbergo.

Abbreviation: ARSF_MC04_20
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Research on the Tagliamento River, NE Italy - a collaborative programme involving the P.I. and partners on this project - has led to major advances in our understanding of the fundamental processes that determine the dynamic structure of the habitat mosaic within large river corridors. In this study we seek to provide a detailed reach-scale analysis of this shifting habitat mosaic. This will involve (1) assessing channel and habitat complexity, and (2) modelling the potential for geomorphic work (erosion and deposition) to be accomplished across the active tract. Both steps will utilize Airborne Multi- and Hyper-spectral imagery, and LIDAR data with on the ground measures of topography, flow velocity, depth, and substrate composition, and vegetation and habitat classifications, supported by GPS. The study focuses on two ca. 600 m-wide sections of different hydro-geomorphological character (with bar-braided and island-dominated reaches) along the middle Tagliamento. The final model of reach-scale channel/habitat dynamics will be calibrated against our detailed ground datasets and historical information from maps; previous surveys, ongoing photographic records, and flow records.

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