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Polluted Troposphere NERC Research Programme

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The Polluted Troposphere Programme was a 5-year NERC thematic research programme which was centred upon the study of polluted boundary layer air and its transport to the free troposphere. The programme focusses on the regional scale, defined as intermediate between urban and hemispheric.

The Polluted Troposphere programme started in 2001 and ended in 2006. It ran a single round of awards, through which six projects were funded:

Tropospheric ORganic CHemistry experiment (TORCH).
CLOud Processing of regional Air Pollution advecting over land and sea. (CLOPAP)
Transport and mixing in fronts.
Ionisation as a precursor to aerosol formation.
Advanced GC-MS technology for observing OVOCs and NMHCS in the polluted troposphere.
Aircraft Measurement of Chemical Processing and Export fluxes of Pollutants over the UK (AMPEP).

Abbreviation: polltrop
Keywords: Polluted Troposphere, Chemistry, Meteorology


Keywords: Polluted Troposphere, Chemistry, Meteorology
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