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Avery Plateau was the site of a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Automatic Weather Station (AWS) during the NERC OFCAP (Orographic Flows and the Climate of the Antarctic Peninsula) project. The site is situated at 66.88 deg S, 65.46 deg W, 1813m above sea level.
The AWS was deployed on January 10th 2011. The instruments are mounted on a 5m pole, of which the bottom 1m was dug in at time of erection.
The wind vane (RM Young propvane) was 4m above the snow surface, temperature and humidity sensor (Vaisala HMP45D) 3.5m above the surface.
The pressure sensor with the logger box was buried ~0.5m below the surface.
10min mean values (calculated from 10sec measurements) were transmitted twice daily via iridium.

Abbreviation: averyplateau
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platformType:      stationary_platform
location:      GeographicBoundingBox: Longitude: -65.460 to -65.460; Latitude: -66.880 to -66.880
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