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ARSF - Flight GB05/08: Newcastle, River Ouseburn and Harwood areas

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ARSF project GB05/08: Integrated Remote Sensing Techniques for Urban Catchment Flood Modelling. PI: Stuart Barr. Site: Newcastle, River Ouseburn, Harwood.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB05_08
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Keywords: Not defined
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UK river catchments are experiencing increasing development which, in association with climate change, is placing many urban areas at an increased risk from flooding. In order to understand the likely damage and cost of urban flooding, as well as the influence of urban areas on channel discharge, fluvial flood models need to explicitly represent the complex topography and hydraulically important features of urban areas; information difficult to obtain by traditional survey methods. This research will employ an integrated remote sensing approach to derive urban topographic features and hydraulic parameters required for an explicit urban fluvial flood model. LIDAR, digital aerial photography and multispectral image data will be employed in an integrated framework to derive information on surface topography, 3-D features, surface type and surface texture/roughness for model parameterisation. These will be used to model known historical urban flood inundation for the river Ouseburn; for which data on previous flood events is available. The model will also be compared to models that do not include urban topography and features. The output of this research will be a better understanding of how urban areas should be managed in flood models and the utility of remote sensing for the parameterisation of these.

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