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ARSF - Flight 03/22: Sound of Eriskay area

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ARSF project 03/22 led by T.Malthus. Site: Sound of Eriskay.

Abbreviation: ARSF_03_22
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Keywords: Not defined
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The overall aim of this project, using the Sound of Eriskay as test site, is to develop algorithms for the simultaneous retrieval of depth and bottom reflectance and for the improvement in monitoring temperate coastal regions. Specific objectives are to:
  • To develop and test novel algebraic retrieval methods for the simultaneous derivation of bathymetry and bottom reflectance in heterogeneous sublittoral temperate regions
  • To infer the depth limits of water column attenuation properties on levels of discrimination of depth and bottom habitat types
  • To evaluate processed data for discriminating typical shallow water habitat types
  • To evaluate changes in bottom type characteristics induced by alterations to the hydrodynamics caused by causeway construction in the study site region
  • Evaluate the impacts of hydrodynamics on, and assess the potential for remote sensing of, seagrass health and productivity.

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