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GER1500 spectroradiometer

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The GER 1500 from the Geophysical and Environmental Research Corporation (GER) is a light-weight, high performance single-beam field spectroradiometer measuring over the visible to near infrared wavelength range. The instrument is very rapid scanning, acquiring single spectra in milliseconds.

The GER 1500 can be used either in stand alone mode, storing up to 500 individual scans on its on-board memory, or via a notebook PC, which offers near real-time spectrum display. A dual-field-of-view (DFOV) option is also available, which offers advanced functionality. This allows two radiometer heads to be mounted alongside each other so as to collect target and reference scans simultaneously. This enables the operator to minimise the effects of changing atmospheric conditions on the data.

A range of field-stops and PC to spectrometer cables are available to enhance the functionality of the instrument for a wide range of remote sensing studies.

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