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Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes above a South-East Asian tropical rain forest (OP3)

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The OP3 project aims to quantify the emissions of trace gases from tropical forest, and study their contribution to the formation of oxidants and secondary particulate matter in a nearly undisturbed South-East Asian tropical environment. This will lead to better understanding of the impact of these processes on local, regional and global scale composition, chemistry and climate. Measurement campaigns will take place at the Danum Valley Field Centre in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo integrating ground-based, aircraft and satellite observations.

Within OP3 the CEH Biogeochemistry Science Programme is combining its expertise in the measurement of biosphere/ atmosphere exchange processes with the air chemistry expertise of eight UK Universities (Lancaster, Manchester, Leicester, East Anglia, Cambridge, Leeds, York and Edinburgh).

CEH scientists contribute to OP3 through the measurement of emissions and deposition of biological particles, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen compounds (such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides and aerosol ammonium nitrate), greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide) and ozone, both above and within the tree canopy.

The OP3 project is led by Professor Nick Hewitt (University of Lancaster) with 23 co-investigators from eight institutions including a team of CEH scientists. OP3 funded by a NERC Consortium Grant runs between 2007-2010, with measurement campaigns planned between spring and autumn of 2008.

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Keywords: OP3
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