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Met Office - Dines pressure tube anemometers

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The Dines pressure tube anemometer is an instrument used by the Met Office network to measure wind speed and direction.

Abbreviation: meto_dines_anemometer
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Consisting essentially of a Head Assembly, a Velocity Recorder and a Direction Recorder, the Dines pressure tube anemometer records wind speed and wind direction simultaneously on a single chart. An important feature of the Dines, is that it records not only average wind velocity over a given time, but also variations in wind force, with the strength and frequency of gusts, providing valuable data on the internal structure of the wind.Dines pressure tube anemometers, having a better response at low wind speeds than the Munro, were installed at a number of stations in the early years of observing, but few of these instruments have remained in use in recent years.

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