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Dunkeswell: Met Office Windprofiler 1290MHz 1

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The Dunkeswell Radian LAP3000 is permanently located at an existing SAMOS site within Dunkeswell Airfield. The Dunkeswell profiler was one of two Radian 1290MHz profilers installed in the UK in February 1999. This system is an integral part of the UK operational upper air network. Dunkeswell, like the other sites, is configured to operate in two modes. The low mode provides high resolution wind information up to 2km above the surface, while the high mode, with 210m resolution can see up to 8km under appropriate conditions

Abbreviation: ukmo-radar-1290mhz-1
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instrumentType:      Radar
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Coordinates (lat, long, height) 50.87N, 3.23E, 253m
Frequency 1290 MHz
Height resolution (High/Low res.) 100m / 400m
Height range (High/Low res.) 108m-2015m/ 253m-7937m
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