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ARSF - Flight GB2004/23: Filey Bay, Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby Abbey

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ARSF project GB2004/23: Integrated remote monitoring techniques for coastal geohazards and heritage sites. PI: J.Mills. Sites: Filey Bay, Robin Hoods and Whitby Abbey.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB04_23
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Keywords: Not defined
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In the dynamic and complex coastal environment, numerous factors interact to shape the terrain. On some coastlines these interactions combine with local morphology to result in geohazards, such as landslides. Undoubtedly, such events pose a significant threat to human interests, and there is an obvious requirement for monitoring, in order to evaluate and mitigate any risk. However, the nature of these coastal environments can cause major difficulties in selecting a monitoring technique applicable to all terrain components. Consequently, current approaches are often crude and inefficient. This research aims to address such issues by integrating remote sensing technologies which individually may be inadequate, but when combined have the potential to offer a flexible and effective monitoring solution. In-situ site monitoring will be incorporated into the research to evaluate its potential as a geohazard early warning system. Combined remote and in-situ monitoring results will be modelled alongside other relevant variables, such as geology and sediment transport, in order to produce a fully-integrated strategy for the monitoring and predictive modelling of geohazards.

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