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Dornier 128 core instruments

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Core instruments on board the Dornier 128 aircraft operated by the Institute of Flight Guidance and Control at the University of Braunschwieg. The instruments give:
Static, dynamic and differential pressure from Rosemount 5-Hole Probe
Static, dynamic and differential pressure from Rosemount 1221, 1201 Pressure Transducers
Position and speed from Novatel Differential GPS-Receiver
Height from Optech 501 Laser Altimeter
Pitch, bank, yaw, angular velocities, acceleration, INS-position, ground speed from Honeywell Lasernav
Radar height from Sperry Radar Altimeter
Surface temperature of the earth from KT19 sensor
Humidity of air (fast sensor) from Lyman-Alpha Sensor
Temperature of air from Slow Rosemount Temperature Sensor PT 100
Temperature of air from Open wire Rosemount Temperature Sensor Pt 100
Humidity of air from Aerodata-Humicap
Humidity of air from Meteolabor Dew Point Mirror TP 3
Wind (horizontal) from 5-hole-probe
Wind (vertical) from 5-hole-probe
Turbulence from 5-hole-probe, 100 Hz sampling
Up and Down Radiation from Kipp & Zonen Pyranometer CM 22
Up and Down Radiation from Kipp & Zonen Pyrgeometer CG 4
Surface emissions from Spectral linescanner (3 channels)
Surface emissions from CCD-Camera
Videoinformation from camera

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