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Ice Nuclearisation in Wave Clouds (NU-WAVE)

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The Met Office NU-WAVE (Ice Nuclearisation in Wave Clouds) project aimed at studying ice crystal nucleation in orographic wave clouds. NU_WAVE was to study the nucleation of ice crystals in orographic wave clouds and its dependence on the physical and chemical properties of the input aerosol. The primary aim was to study heterogeneous nucleation processes acting in the temperature range 0 to -35C (but principally -15 to -35C). Where possible, however, the influence of homogeneous nucleation a temperatures colder than -35C were also studied. It was based on a 2-flight campaign (November 2004) on board the FAAM aircraft. Flights involved penetration of single wave clouds, trains of wave clouds and extensive sheets of cirrus formed by orographic effects.

Abbreviation: NU-WAVE, nu-wave-project
Keywords: NU-WAVE, FAAM, Ice, Clouds

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