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FAAM B796 MAMM flight: Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites on board the BAE-146 aircraft

Update Frequency: Not Planned
Latest Data Update: 2015-12-08
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2015-03-23
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 64 Files | 8GB


Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites data on board the FAAM BAE-146 aircraft collected for Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic - Measurements, process studies and Modelling (MAMM) as part of the NERC Arctic Research Programme (ARP) project.

Citable as:  Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements; Natural Environment Research Council; Met Office (2015): FAAM B796 MAMM flight: Airborne atmospheric measurements from core and non-core instrument suites on board the BAE-146 aircraft. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: MAMM, FAAM, airborne, atmospheric measurments


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Use of these data is covered by the following licence: When using these data you must cite them correctly using the citation given on the CEDA Data Catalogue record.
Data lineage:

Data were collected by instrument scientists during the flight before preparation and delivery for archiving at the NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre.

Data Quality:
Data collected by flight participants before preparation for archival with the British Atmospheric Data Centre
File Format:
Data are netCDF and NASA-Ames formatted. Ancillary files may be plain ASCII or PDF formatted. Image files may be PNG formatted.
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: platform_speed_wrt_ground
  • long_name: AIMMS Eastwards ground speed
  • var_id: VE
  • units: m
  • standard_name: altitude
  • long_name: AIMMS GPS altitude
  • var_id: ALT
  • units: degree
  • standard_name: platform_yaw_angle
  • long_name: AIMMS Heading angle
  • var_id: HDG
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: platform_speed_wrt_ground
  • long_name: AIMMS Northwards ground speed
  • var_id: VN
  • units: percent
  • standard_name: relative_humidity
  • var_id: RH
  • long_name: AIMMS Relative humidity wrt water
  • units: hPa
  • standard_name: air_pressure
  • var_id: PRES
  • long_name: AIMMS Static pressure
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: platform_speed_wrt_air
  • var_id: TAS
  • long_name: AIMMS True air speed
  • units: degree
  • var_id: AOA
  • long_name: AIMMS angle of attack (positive, flow from below aircraft)
  • units: degree
  • var_id: AOSS
  • long_name: AIMMS angle of sideslip (positive, flow from left)
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: eastward_wind
  • var_id: U
  • long_name: AIMMS eastwards wind component
  • units: 1
  • long_name: AIMMS non-dimensional angle of attack differential pressure
  • var_id: DPAOA
  • units: 1
  • long_name: AIMMS non-dimensional angle of sideslip differential pressure
  • var_id: DPAOSS
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: northward_wind
  • var_id: V
  • long_name: AIMMS northwards wind component
  • units: degree
  • standard_name: platform_pitch_angle
  • long_name: AIMMS pitch angle
  • var_id: PITCH
  • units: degree
  • standard_name: platform_roll_angle
  • long_name: AIMMS roll angle
  • var_id: ROLL
  • units: K
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • long_name: AIMMS true air temperature
  • var_id: TK
  • units: m s-1
  • long_name: AIMMS vertical speed
  • var_id: VZ
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: upward_air_velocity
  • var_id: W
  • long_name: AIMMS vertical wind component
  • var_id: ARIESRAD
  • units: degree
  • long_name: A_0 calibration coefficient
  • var_id: A_0
  • units: degree
  • long_name: A_alpha calibration coefficient
  • var_id: A_alpha
  • units: degree
  • long_name: A_beta calibration coefficient
  • var_id: A_beta
  • long_name: Air Sample End Fill (GMT)
  • long_name: Air Sample Start Fill (GMT)
  • units: degree
  • long_name: B_0 calibration coefficient
  • var_id: B_0
  • units: degree
  • long_name: B_alpha calibration coefficient
  • var_id: B_alpha
  • units: degree
  • long_name: B_beta calibration coefficient
  • var_id: B_beta
  • var_id: CAL_DC_CBB
  • var_id: CAL_DC_HBB
  • var_id: CAL_DC_MEAS
  • var_id: CAL_TEMP_CBB
  • var_id: CAL_TEMP_HBB
  • var_id: CAL_TEMP_PORT2C
  • var_id: CAL_TEMP_PORT2H
  • units: 1
  • long_name: CP_0 calibration coefficient
  • var_id: CP_0
  • units: 1
  • long_name: CP_alpha calibration coefficient
  • var_id: CP_alpha
  • units: 1
  • long_name: CP_beta calibration coefficient
  • var_id: CP_beta
  • long_name: Carbon Dioxide Mixing Ratio (ppm)
  • long_name: Julian Date
  • long_name: Julian Date and Time of mixing ratio measurement (GMT)
  • long_name: Julian Date of Carbon Isotope in Methane Measurement (GMT)
  • var_id: LONG_DATE
  • long_name: Length of filling time (seconds)
  • long_name: Methane Mixing Ratio (ppm)
  • units: N2O
  • long_name: Number of d13C in methane measurements
  • long_name: One Standard Deviation of Carbon dioxide mixing ratio (ppm)
  • long_name: One Standard Deviation of d13C in methane (ml-1)
  • long_name: One Standard Deviation of methane mixing ratio (ppm)
  • var_id: QUALITY
  • var_id: SCANDIR
  • var_id: SECONDS
  • var_id: WAVENUM
  • long_name: Water Vapour (%)
  • var_id: ZPD_POSITION
  • long_name: d13C in methane (ml-1)

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degree_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: LAT
  • long_name: AIMMS GPS latitude
  • units: degree_east
  • standard_name: longitude
  • var_id: LON
  • long_name: AIMMS GPS longitude
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: TIME
  • long_name: time of measurement
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent